How to Serve an Exceptional Breakfast in Bed

Among the very few things that can be done to improve everyone’s favourite meal, breakfast in bed can also do wonders for domestic relations. Especially with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. Here’s how to do it right.

The Food

Your meal’s centrepiece will make or break your breakfast, so don’t screw it up. If you can cook, whip up your best eggs, berry pancakes or waffles. If you aren’t exactly Jamie Oliver, don’t get discouraged. Head out and pick up some fresh pastries — or better yet, takeout from her favourite brunch spot.


Presentation is half the battle here, so garnish the plate with sliced fruit, berries, a sprig or mint or some icing sugar to complete the picture. Plate the food carefully, wiping any excess from the edge of the plate. Include silverware and linen and put the whole deal on a breakfast tray — preferably something with legs. Pick up a fresh rose (or if you know what her favourite flower is, even better) and trim it to fit in a small vase on your tray.

The Drink

You know what else makes a good breakfast better? Booze. Coffee is a no-brainer (served in a pot to keep it warm), but a mimosa will really up the stakes. Squeeze up some fresh OJ (or get good-quality stuff from the store) and mix two parts to one with bubbly. Add a dash of Grand Marnier for an extra kick and garnish with a strawberry.

Service with a Smile

Serve! Then mix a mimosa for yourself and clear your schedule for the rest of the morning. You may just want to stick around to properly accept her thank — and to clear the dishes, of course.