Lexus’ First Yacht Prototype Is Worth Freaking Out Over

Lexus is the automotive equivalent of the corner office: a symbol that you’ve made it, and so deserve some creature comforts. Same goes for the brand’s first foray into yachts.

lexus-boat - 7

Though it’s still a prototype, the Lexus Yacht is a luxury liner on PEDs: the 42-foot concept’s hull is built of featherweight, reinforced plastic, meaning its turbo-boost engine — patterned after the brand’s flagship LC 500 Coupe — can scream across waterways at almost 50 knots.

lexus-boat - 8

Better yet, its eight-seat cockpit is helmed by a touchscreen, meaning the entire yacht can be controlled by an iPad. Want to anchor and moor your liner? There’s an app for that.