Nobody Is More Hyped About the NBA Finals Than Steph Curry and Kevin Durant’s Moms

The Golden State Warriors continued their undefeated romp through the NBA playoffs on Wednesday night, stunning the Cleveland Cavaliers 118-113 in Game 3 of the Finals. Kevin Durant’s late-game dagger extinguished LeBron and Co.’s hopes of winning, bringing the Warriors one win away from taking home an NBA title and making history by finishing with a perfect postseason.

It’s safe to say that following KD’s clutch 3, the Warriors were pretty lit. Especially Steph Curry, seen here dropping an air dookie on the Cavs’ court.

But you know who was even more lit? Durant and Curry’s moms. After watching their sons grab the series by the throat, Wanda Durant and Sonya Curry were seen throwing the hell down backstage. The two elated mothers hugged, while Wanda went all Jimmy Hart, screaming, “They tried to give it to them, but they wouldn’t take it! That’s what happened! They wouldn’t take it!”

Mama Durant has been here for her baby boy for a minute. She stood up for KD when he faced heckling upon returning to Oklahoma City earlier this season. And just a few days ago, she tore Stephen A. Smith a new one for all the flack he’s been giving her son over the move to Golden State. Maternal instinct at its most savage.

And all the while, LeBron’s just over here like: