Forget the Batmobile: The Porsche 911 Turbo S Dark Knight is the Car Batman Deserves

What’s that thing Bruce Wayne says in The Dark Knight? “Batman has no limits.” Well apparently, the very same concept applies to the Porsche 911 Turbo S.

Noted Polish vehicle tuner Auto-Dynamics got the crazy idea to take the already fearsome 911 and find a way to make it even more menacing. They wound up with the 911 Turbo S Dark Knight – a custom job that brings the original model to unprecedented levels of badassery.


The car boasts a full carbon ‘turbo aerokit’ exterior in a murdered out matte black finish, with a front spoiler, vented fenders, side skirts, plus a very aggro rear bumper and wing.

Porsche 911

Under the decklid, things gets even scarier: the revised Porsche flat-6 now brings horsepower up to 690, thanks to exhaust manifolds and piping GMG Racing and TechArt.

Porsche 911, Dark Knight

The interior continues the stealthy theme: black on black with yellow accents and a plethora of tech upgrades.

Porsche 911

There’s no harpoons, machine guns, or ejectable seat, but who cares? If Bruce Wayne had the chance to take this thing out for a rip, you don’t think he’d choose it over Batmobile in a second? Of course he would. Every single night. Gotham would burn.

Porsche, Dark Knight


porsche, dark knight