Bus Hits Man. Man Gets Up. Goes For A Beer. #Goals

There’s a handful of situations in which drinking in the A.M. is socially acceptable. You’re watching a soccer game that’s in a weird time zone; your girlfriend dragged you to brunch so you’re having a caesar; you’ve pulled an all-nighter and are still out drinking, in which case your morning still counts as last night.

Or there’s this one: you were just dummied by an out-of-control double decker bus.

Yeah. One lucky bloke in England got to use that one on Saturday morning. Simon Smith was just going for a stroll in Reading, minding his own business, maybe daydreaming about the Marmite toast he just had for breakfast, when a bus careered onto the sidewalk, absolutely levelling him.

Then, some-crazy-how, the 53-year-old (53!) managed to get right back up, brush himself off, and carry on into a pub. No biggie smalls.

“Lucky to be alive” is what the white Luke Cage Englishman had to say for himself afterwards. No shit! Apparently, he walked away with just a few nicks and bruises.

If there’s any takeaway from this logic-defying, completely incomprehensible situation, it’s that you never know when it could all end. So carpe beer-em! (I’m so sorry.)