Tom Blachford Shoots Tokyo at Night Like It’s Straight Out of a Sci-Fi Movie: Here’s What We’re Reading Today

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1. Marvel at these futuristic pictures of Tokyo

“The Edo-Tokyo museum, modeled after a classic type of elevated warehouse, is already an impressive building in broad daylight and with no filters. But in the dead of the night and in the hands of Australian photographer Tom Blachford, it turns into a dystopian megastructure from a distant future, its cavernous looks supercharged by an otherworldly bluish hue.

“The photo is part of an all-Tokyo series called ‘Nihon Noir,’ after the Neon-noir movie genre that inspires its aesthetic. ‘The seminal classic Blade Runner was a huge inspiration, not only for color but for aesthetic and approach,’ said Blachford in an email interview. He cites the work of Drive and Only God Forgives director Nicholas Winding-Refn as another source of influence.”

– CNN Style

2. These Sheprd Land Rovers are the most overly posh school busses ever

“Sheprd bills itself as ‘Uber meets the School Bus.’ Founded in Newtown, Mass., in 2017 and limited to that hamlet for now, one needs to add at least one qualifier to Sheprd’s description to get the full flavor.

“Funded in part by Jaguar Land Rover’s venture capital arm, InMotion Ventures, Sheprd operates a fleet of Land Rover Discovery LR4s complete with yellow school bus signs, flashing yellow lights, and names like Balto and Clifford. That means the 5- to 18-year-old riders get leather seating, climate control, and smooth rides. Oh, and Kindles.”

– Autoblog

3. Jon Hamm and Zachary Quinto are going to scare the heck out of you in Aardvark. Watch the trailer here

“In Aardvark, Jenny Slate plays a therapist who begins a relationship with Jon Hamm, the brother of one of her patients (Zachary Quinto). But while Quinto’s character is the one in therapy, Hamm might be the person with issues.

“What a curious thing this Aardvark trailer is. The presence of the very funny Jenny Slate at first makes one think this might be a comedy, but there’s a distinct sexy thriller vibe going on here. I’ve seen Aardvark described as a “dramedy,” but the tone and cinematography on display in this trailer hint at something a bit more serious. See for yourself.”

– Slash Film

4. Veuve Clicquot just raised the apres ski bar to new heights

“When Veuve Clicquot comes calling with a one-of-a-kind après experience, you take the call. That’s exactly what the decadent Montage Deer Valley did when they set out to create their newly expanded ‘ski beach’ in collaboration with the famed champagne aficionados.

“With direct access to arguably the best lifts of Deer Valley Resort, their slope-side experience sets the new standard for après ski luxury with an inviting atmosphere of craftsman-style décor with wooden accents, a roaring fireplace, lounge-style seating, furnishings by renowned mountain lifestyle brand Gorsuch, sweeping views of the slopes, and of course, a ridiculous amount of premium champagne.”

– Airows

5. Transform that musty old shed in your backyard to one of the sleekest gyms we’ve seen

“In the rear of a Walthamstow Village home, the Garden Studio Gym hides a workout space within its cedar facade. The structure is modeled after a traditional garden shed. Inside, birch plywood walls contrast the charred exterior, giving the building a modern revision.

“Openings in the walls and ceilings fill the space with natural light while yellow track lights compliment the lining, providing a warm glow at night. It’s finished with a black rubber floor and a concealed connection for a removable punching bag, allowing the space to also function as a yoga studio or home office.”

– Uncrate