Porsche is Doubling Their Investment in Electric Cars to Over $9 Billion CAD: Here’s What We’re Reading Today

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1. Will this be enough to finally rock Tesla?

“The electric car startup would-be Tesla-killers of the world may soon find themselves facing stiff competition from a well-established player in the luxury automotive world. Porsche said this week that it’s doubling its previously announced investment in hybrid and all-electric cars to $7.4 billion, according to multiple reports.

“As Business Insider points out, the Mission E is expected to arrive next year with a base price that’s aligned with the Model S starting MSRP of $74,500. Porsche claims the Mission E will be capable of getting 400 to 600 miles of range on a single charge.”

– Jalopnik

2. Put This On has put together a once-and-for-all extensive guide on how to start a menswear wardrobe from scratch

“We’ve all picked up that button-up shirt and pair of khaki chinos at the mall for a cousin’s graduation, then a dark suit for a buddy’s wedding. And there’s that pile of t-shirts slowly accumulated through different points in our lives – college days and various phases with bands. For most people, the process of building a wardrobe comes in fits and spurts, resulting in a mishmash of things that never feel quite right.

“Dressing well takes a lot more than completing a shopping list. And for people who are just starting out, it can feel overwhelming – all the terms, fabrics, and styles (not to mention the prices!). So here’s a guide on how to get started, literally from day one when you want to transform your wardrobe.”

– Put This On

3. The Rock is basically going to be paid to work out by NBC on his new show The Titan Games

“If seeing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s trailer for Skyscraper during the Super Bowl wasn’t enough, Johnson announced he will be the host of The Titan Games, a new unscripted show that will air on NBC.

“Johnson will also executive produce the 10-episode series with Dany Garcia, which will give regular people the opportunity to take on the show’s Titans in a number of physical challenges.”

– The Wrap

4. Let these Michelin starred chefs tell you what to cook for bae this V-Day

“A gesture as simple as cooking a good meal is more thoughtful and effective than throwing money (or meaningless slogans) at the situation. To make a good meal great, we asked five of the UK’s best chefs what they’ll be serving on 14 February and how to re-enact their Michelin magic at home.”

– Mr Porter

5. Gordon Ramsay’s favourite holiday destination is an oyster lover’s paradise

“You have to ask a marathon traveler like Ramsay: What’s the most magical place you’ve discovered that’s not a guidebook staple? He answers immediately: ‘Mine would be a place called Rock.’

“The name does no justice to the green hills and unspoiled beaches of this coastal village near the southern tip of England, on the River Camel flowing in from the Celtic Sea. It’s a four-hour drive from where Ramsay grew up, but Rock has walloped countless more far-flung finds for his heart.”

– Food and Wine