The Self-Renovated House That Inspired an NYC Ad Man to Become a Contractor: Here’s What We’re Reading Today

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1. Could you do anything manlier than this?

“Back in 1998, Tom Givone was an advertising copywriter living in a tiny rent-controlled studio in New York’s West Village, dealing with a pain-in-the-neck landlord who was always trying to raise the rent. With the little bit of money he’d saved, he decided it was time to look for a place to buy.

“Tom bought the house, added a sink and an old stove to make it habitable, and started teaching himself how to patch it up. Every day after work, the homeowner-turned-contractor would begin a new project, ripping out sheetrock or uncovering 15-foot ceiling beams. Tom initially kept his day job in advertising, but by 2006 his career had morphed into something else: architectural design.”

– Dwell

2. Unpublished poems by Johnny Cash are getting turned into songs by famous musicians

“‘Forever Words,’ an album setting previously unrecorded lyrics and poems by Johnny Cash to new music written from the late Chris Cornell, Willie Nelson, Alison Krauss and others, will be released on Legacy Recordings on April 6.

“Over the past two years Carter Cash and co-producer Steve Berkowitz invited a cast of musicians to create new music to accompany the writings. The album is described as the ‘musical companion’ to the book ‘Forever Words: The Unknown Poems,’ a volume of Cash’s unpublished writing.”

– Variety

3. Joaquin Phoenix is apparently in talks to play the Joker in standalone film

“Joaquin Phoenix is reportedly in negotiations to play the Clown Prince of Crime in Todd Phillips‘ standalone Joker movie.

“Variety reports that Phillips met with Phoenix to play the lead character in his untitled Joker origin movie for Warner Bros. Studio negotiations are not yet underway, but sources tell the outlet that Phoenix is Phillips’ top choice for the role, and that Phoenix has agreed to take the part.”

– Slash Film

4. Potential next-Bonds ranked on how well they’d dress the part

“Bond has always had impeccable taste. He wears Tom Ford and Sunspel. There’s usually an Omega on his wrist. So whomever might step into Craig’s shoes (which are by legendary British shoemaker Crockett & Jones, by the way) following the release of ‘Bond 25′, he’d better know how to dress.

“The people most frequently tipped include Tom Hiddleston, James Norton and Idris Elba. But Harry Styles became a surprise contender recently and even David Beckham (admittedly at 500/1) has been mentioned to suit up as the suave secret agent. Whoever comes out on top, it’s clear the producers are on the hunt for the best-dressed Bond yet. So ignore the rumours, forget the bookies, here are the top 12 candidates’ real odds, according to their style credentials.”

– Fashion Beans

5. The steps you need to take to fulfill your lifelong dream of becoming an international pizza consultant

“Do you love pizza so much you’d devote your whole life to it? If your answer is yes, we’ve got a job for you: International pizza consultant, a pizza pro who helps aspiring pizza shop owners design dream kitchens, select the best tools and equipment, learn natural fermentation techniques, train staff and develop new menus.

“Meet Anthony Falco, one of—or perhaps the only—international pizza consultants in the U.S. After working for 10 years as a pizza czar at Roberta’s in Brooklyn, Falco broke off on his own in 2016 to launch his consulting business—and since then, he’s traveled to nine countries and a dozen states helping restauranteurs build shops.”

– Food and Wine