The One-Off Ferrari SP38 Is What All Ferraris Should Look Like: Here’s What We’re Reading Today

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1. Ferrari SP38 should be a model for all Ferrari’s to follow

“I am sorry to say it, but I have been overwhelmingly unenthused with new Ferraris lately. They all look vaguely the same to me, with different holes and vents cut into their faces and trailing headlights that look like a person pulling their eyes up at the corners. But this new one-off Ferrari SP38? This is something I’d like to see more of.”

– Jalopnik

2. Battle of the networks

“The move sets in motion what could be one of the all-time merger battles in media. Comcast chief Brian Roberts is set to clash with Disney’s Bob Iger for control of the film and TV empire that Rupert Murdoch and sons James and Lachlan spent years building. While Disney and Fox have agreed to a $52.4 billion deal, Comcast’s counter is believed to be in the $60 billion range.”

– Deadline

3. HTC unveils the U12+

“HTC has finally unveiled the U12+, its newest flagship device.  The handset is quite powerful and features 6GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 845 chipset and up to 128GB of internal storage. However, the HTC U12+ isn’t the only 2018 device using Qualcomm’s fastest and most powerful currently available chipset.”

– Mobilesyrup

4. Hamburg, Germany introducing new ban on older diesels

“BERLIN — Germany’s second largest city, Hamburg, will ban the most polluting diesel cars from two major streets starting next week, in a move that could encourage other cities to follow suit and step up the pressure on carmakers to consider costly vehicle refits.”

– Autoblog

5. Sarah Silverman has sympathy for Louis C.K. 

“Sarah Silverman has compassion for Louis C.K. For Silverman’s GQ Comedy Issue profile, the magazine asked her about her friendships with three men sidelined by the #MeToo movement: C.K., Al Franken, and Aziz Ansari. Silverman’s friendship with C.K., who was accused of and admitted to masturbating in front of women without their consent, runs the longest. (The two were close during their days as NYC comics in their 20s.)”

– Vulture