This 1931 Bugatti Type 56 Is Not the Bug You’d Expect: Here’s What We’re Reading Today

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1. I woke up in an old Bugatti.

“Bugatti stores a handful of historically significant cars in a picturesque building located a stone’s throw from its factory. One doesn’t blend in with the rest of the collection. It’s a small, yellow and black two-seater named Type 56 that looks more like a horseless carriage than a grand prix-winning machine. It wasn’t designed to race. Ettore Bugatti, the company’s founder, built the electric runabout in 1931 to drive on his property.”

– Autoblog

2. Japan’s increasing indie gaming scene.

“When Shinnosuke Ohashi attended his first BitSummit in Kyoto back in 2015, he was enamored by the atmosphere and excitement of the indie community in Japan. Having not experienced the same enthusiasm in 10 years at a large company, he knew he had to become a member of the slowly growing community of Japanese indie game developers.”

– Variety

3. Guillermo del Toro gets exclusive action figure — say less.

“It’s hard to believe, but San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner. This year’s convention will be happening from July 18 through July 22, and we’ll be on hand to bring you all the breaking news and cool announcements straight from all the panels and the showfloor. We’re already getting word on some things at the convention we can get excited about, and this time it’s an exclusive that will please cinephiles.”

– Slashfilm

4. YouTube is currently suspended in Egypt.

“Nearly six years after anti-Islam video Innocence Of Muslims became the center of an international storm, Egypt’s top court has ordered authorities to block YouTube in the country for one month. The ruling came on Saturday after a lengthy appeals process over the short film/trailer that ridicules the Prophet Mohammad and caused violent protests in Egypt and around the Muslim world in 2012.”

– Deadline

5. How to find the right HDMI cord for you 

“It’s not your fault, but it is very likely that you’re using the wrong HDMI cord to plug that 4K Apple TV or PS4 Pro into your new TV. While you might have assumed that all HDMI cords are equal they are, unfortunately, not. And if you have the wrong cable, you could be missing out on the best features of your TV—or whatever you’re trying to plug into it. No HDR, no wide color gamut, no high frame rate for your sports and games. But don’t worry. If you know what to look for, it’s actually pretty easy to find the right cable.”

– Gizmodo