Roseanne Rips Ex-Obama Aide Valerie Jarrett: Here’s What We’re Reading Today

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1. Roseanne’s racial comments have her treading on thin ice

“Roseanne Barr waded into racial waters on Monday, suggesting that former Barack Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett is a product of the Muslim Brotherhood and the “Planet of the Apes.””

The Wrap

2. New York taxi drivers debts are taking a toll 

“It’s the fifth suicide in five months. Yu Mein Chow, a 56 year old living in Queens, was found dead in the East River on May 11. Having spent $700,000 on the coveted medallion that would allow him to operate a cab in the city, he found that he just couldn’t make enough driving his cab to make it worthwhile. With no other options, he chose to end his life.”

– Jalopnik

3. Morgan Freeman’s lawyer demands to stop the press

“A lawyer for Morgan Freeman has issued a statement demanding CNN apologize and retract its May 24 story accusing the actor of multiple instances of sexual harassment.”

– Variety

4. Papua New Guinea to block Facebook for a month

“Papua New Guinea, a nation of over 8 million, has announced that it will shut down Facebook for a month. The PNG government says that the shutdown will give it time to assess the spread of objectionable content on the site like porn and fake news. The government also said that it’s exploring the creation of its own social media site to replace Facebook.”

– Gizmodo

5. *Spoiler* for Daredevil‘s season three

“Woody Harrelson teases big plans for the future of his Venom character. Ron Howard really wants to make a Willow sequel. Rosario Dawson thinks her time in the Marvel universe is coming to an end. Deadly Class might be getting a new showrunner. Plus, casting rumors for Arrow and a new Disney animated movie, and behind-the-scenes on the Sense8 finale. Spoilers, away!”

– Gizmodo