Issa Rae Took Shots at Kanye’s Slavery Comments in Front of Kim: Here’s What We’re Reading Today

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1. Another reason Issa Rae is killing the game

“Last night, Issa Rae hosted the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards, where she gave a monologue that took sharp aim at Kanye West’s “slavery is a choice” comments to TMZ. “I’m about as fashionable as Kanye is black — only when it’s convenient,” she said. Then the kicker: “That joke was my choice, just like slavery.””

– Vulture

2. Don’t forget Paul Manafort, the Cloud remembers everything..

Federal prosecutors have accused Paul Manafort of witness tampering, alleging that he used WhatsApp and Telegram in an attempt to coordinate his testimony with old business associates. Manafort, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, may have thought that he was being sneaky by using encrypted chat apps, but Manafort just learned the hard way that strong encryption doesn’t really matter if you’re backing up your messages to the cloud—especially when the federal government gets a warrant to access your iCloud account.

– Gizmodo

3. This speaker is seven years in the making

“French audio experts La Boite Concept teamed up with Native Union and spent seven years perfecting the PR-01 by re-inventing a patent filed in 1976 and adapting it to the digital world. The PR-01 is wireless, with unmatched sound fidelity using two speakers (and one internal woofer) inside a multi-amplified pneumatic system.”

– Uncrate

4. Working for David Fincher might drive you crazy

“Filmmaker David Fincher knows what he wants, and he’ll shoot as many takes as it takes to make his vision a reality. “[David] Fincher is meticulous,” John Carroll Lynch, who co-starred in Zodiac, once revealed. “He’s after something. And it takes him 50 takes to get it.” A producer on Gone Girl also stated that Fincher was shooting up to 50 takes per scene for that film as well. And now it looks like Fincher has out-done his 50-take-streak. During a FYC event for the Netflix series Mindhunter, Fincher revealed (via IndieWire) that he shot 75 takes of one nine-minute scene.”

– Slashfilm

5. It happens to the best

For the average hirsute, image-conscious man, there are no three words in the English language more likely to prompt a gulp of foreboding than … ‘male pattern baldness’. A lexical trio so follicularly frightening that some men (Jude Law, we’re looking at you) feel the best course of action is to ignore it entirely.

– Fashionbeans