Kanye West Opens Up About Trump, Slavery Comments, and His Bipolar Disorder: Here’s What We’re Reading Today

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1. Kayne’s controversial comments explained

“Over two days of extended interviews that took place in his rented Amangani Resort home, on long walks through Jackson, and in lengthy car rides spanning eastern Idaho to Yellowstone National Park — edited excerpts from which are included below — Kanye was calm, measured, verging on beatific, and also self-aware and willing to reckon with the challenges he’d created for himself.”‘

– The New York Times

2. Look out, Fury Road

“Tesla has previously shown love for movies with the Spaceballs-inspired “Ludicrous” and “Plaid” speed modes, as well as a 007-themed Easter egg — on its cars. For the upcoming Tesla Semi, the company is pulling from a different franchise, as evidenced by the below tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk. It shows the console from a test vehicle with a bunch of different Autopilot settings and configurations, one of which is called “Mad Max.”‘

– Autoblog

3. ‘The Hate U Give’ powerful trailer

The Hate U Give trailer starts off like a fairly ordinary teen movie: Starr Carter (Amandla Stenberg) is a high school student who likes playing basketball with her rich, white prep school friends during the week, and partying with her friends from the poor, mostly black, neighborhood on the weekends. She likes hip-hop music and joking with her friends in the car.”

– Slashfilm

4. For the love of Carbonara!

“In this video, three reputable Italian chefs are subjected to severe moral injury by being forced to watch the top five ‘how to cook carbonara’ videos on YouTube. Their emotions range between outrage, disappointment, dour amusement and absolute horror in under 13 minutes. Be sure to turn subtitles on for this one before settling in.”

– Boingboing

5. Sri Lankan jungle oasis

“Hidden on a rubber tree plantation, the Guava House is a jungle getaway in Sri Lanka. The authentic thatched-roof retreat is perched on a hilltop looking out onto the Ambuluwawa Mountains and the local paddy fields. Mango floors run throughout the five-bedroom interior that features five baths, a kitchen, and an open mezzanine. Expansive glazing provides views of the surrounding forest while folding doors expand the main living area out to an infinity swimming pool. Aside from lounging on the wrap around deck, guests can take a bike ride through the village or spend a day trekking Bible rock.”

– Uncrate