11 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her That’ll Win You All of the Points

No matter how long you’ve been together, no matter how many “No babe, seriously, no presents this Valentine’s Day” conversations you’ve had, we all know that deep, deep down, your partner will always appreciate you spoiling her just a little bit come February 14th. So why try to fight it?  Let the romantic in you jump at the chance to score yourself some potentially much-needed points. Allow us to take one less worry off your mind leading up to the most commercially-driven holiday ever. Just don’t fuck up the dinner reso.

Gucci Beige GG Supreme Bestiary Backpack


But where is she going to keep all these new daily essential creams? You already know, you’re always two steps ahead, and that’s why she loves you. (Also, because you buy her Gucci bags for Valentine’s Day.) Don’t worry, I took the liberty of calling up Signore Guccio Gucci’s heir and asked him if anyone had ever been dumped after gifting a Gucci x Supreme backpack before. He promptly responded, in his thick Italian accent, “How did you get this number?”

$1535, ssense.com

Hugo Boss Italian Calf-Leather Shoulder Bag

Backpacks not really her style? We got you. This Italian-leather purse by BOSS Womenswear is a quarter of the size but packs just as hard a punch. Play it cool and lay it out on the bed for her while she’s busy getting gussied up for dinner. Just don’t make her use it when the cheque comes.

Price upon request, hugoboss.com

Levi’s Ex-Boyfriend Hybrid Hooded Trucker Jacket

Sure, there are less foreboding gifts you can get her than something called an “ex-boyfriend jacket,” but name aside, this piece is really cool. It’s got a slouchy, extra-relaxed silhouette and elongated hem to create that oversized look she’s been seeing at all the fashion weeks. Plus, it’s a hoodie and a jacket in one, so that’s two less items from your wardrobe she has a likelihood of “borrowing.”

$178, levi.com

Grey Goose Vodka

Normally I’m a bottle of bubbly type of guy on Valentine’s Day, but if you feel the need to mix things up this year, Grey Goose exists in the upper echelons of elegant vodkas.

$50, lcbo.com

Showman’s trick: The day before date night, find yourself a cardboard carton of milk — which can sometimes be a challenge in Canada, home of bagged milk — and discard the contents. Give the carton a good wash out, then trim the spout end off with a pair of scissors. Insert your bottle of Grey Goose and fill the remaining space in the carton with water. Stand the bottle up in your freezer and let the water solidify around it. When it’s vodka o’clock, peel back the carton and serve your ice-cold vodka direct from the ice-block-enclosed bottle. Boom! Instant centerpiece.

Chanel La Crème Maine

Forbes predicts that in 2019, the global skincare industry will surpass $130 billion USD in sales, and for good reason. Everyone is paying more attention to their skin — both guys and girls. If you’re a little behind on what’s good these days, Chanel’s La Crème Maine is ultra-luxurious whether you opt for the light or rich version. There’s no going wrong.

$70, chanel.com


If you want to play up the skincare/spa theme this Valentine’s, consider also picking up some of Chanel’s La Solution 10. It’s a simple, versatile moisturizer that works for you (er, your girl) noon or night, face or neck. It’s fragrance, oil, and alcohol-free, which means this is any skin type’s best friend.

$106, chanel.com

Dior Gold So Real Optical Glasse


They’re not exactly heart-shaped, but these gold aviator-styled frames from Dior are modern, stylish, and made in Italy — just like your dream girl. These stunning specs feature a distinctive top bar across the rims, which is very en vogue right now. However, like your relationship, it’s a look that should last forever; if taken proper care of.

$595, ssense.com

Moncler Pink Fur Rib Pom Pom Beanie

This may as well be the Year of the Groundhog to me, because I could kiss him after he promised me an early spring this year. Still, February is a bit early to be breaking out the linens. More accurately, February is the time of year your cold weather accessories start to show their wear. Mid-season updates like this pink pom-pom number from Moncler are just the type of boost one needs to endure what’s hopefully the final leg of cold.

$430, ssense.com

Burberry Beige Cashmere Giant Icon Scarf

In keeping with the cold-weather-accessories-refresh theme, this iconic Burberry scarf is a gift that won’t soon blow over. “Iconic” is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but its use here is pretty undebatable. Burberry has built their empire on this tartan, and their scarves in particular have become an international status symbol.

$500, ssense.com

Louis Vuitton King Size Toiletry Bag


And on the subject of iconic prints, Louis Vuitton owes about as much of its empire to its classic monogram as Burberry does to their check. Gift this king size toiletries bag to your queen and she’ll feel like royalty this V-Day.

$965, ca.louisvuitton.com

Armani Beauty Blush Brush

But what’s the use of a king size toiletries bag if there’s nothing in it? I can’t pretend to know too much about makeup brushes, but I do know quite well the shrieks of excitement new brushes can induce. This one by Giorgio Armani promises exactly what the name sounds like — pink, rosy cheeks, perfect for that blushed Valentine’s Day look. #GlowUp

$78, armani-beauty.ca