Do Father’s Day Right: Start a New Tradition

Hennessy & Sharp

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but: now that you’re all grown up, it’s no longer enough to just get your pops a card and tie for Father’s Day. The good news is, if you’re looking to plan something slightly more special this year, it’s never too late to start a new Father’s Day tradition. One that can become something you and your dad bond over for years to come. Inspired by Hennessy – who certainly know a thing or two about the merits of rich, time-honoured tradition – we’ve come up with a few ideas for Father’s Day rituals you and your dad can enjoy, along with cocktail recipes to help your new tradition go down even smoother.

Spend a day (or weekend) on the greens

You don’t have to start off with planning a pilgrimage to St. Andrews right away; there’s plenty of gorgeous golf courses right here in Canada for a father/son afternoon out on the links. Making room in your schedule for a standing tee time with your dad ensures hours of quality bonding time, no matter your handicap. Then, after the 18th hole, hit the clubhouse to compare scores – and the perfect old fashioned recipe.

Get away from it all at the cottage

There’s nothing quite like getting out of the city for a few days to help a guy slow down and unwind. If your dad’s idea of a perfect weekend involves kicking back at the lake and grilling the day’s catch over an open flame, pack up the car with all the requisite supplies: fishing gear, charcoal, sunscreen, and, most importantly, a bottle of the good stuff to crack when the sun goes down.

Make an annual dinner reservation

Whether your dad’s a meat and potatoes guy or on the more adventurous side, sitting down over a meal together makes for a wonderful annual tradition. Try somewhere new each year, or just reconnect at his favourite local; either way, it’s the company, and conversation, that matters most. So start dinner off right with a good cocktail, then sit back and let the stories flow.

Take a trip together

Travelling with your dad can be a great way for both father and son to see a new side of each other – especially if the last time you two took a trip together, it was in the family minivan. Whether it means going on a weekend road trip or knocking a dream destination off your bucket lists, planning an annual father/son trip gives you both something to look forward to – and talk about – all year round.

The Drinks

Starting new traditions calls for some new beverages to go along with them. We suggest experimenting with Hennessy Very Special and ginger. Maybe it’s not the first combo that springs to mind when you think cognac, but trust us: the sweet and spicy notes of ginger perfectly complement the roundness and suppleness of Hennessy VS’ aromas. Follow the two cocktail recipes below to make this Father’s Day a very special one.

Hennessy Ginger Beer and Lime


Hennessy VS 40ml

Fresh lime juice 20ml

Ginger beer Fever Tree 120ml


Pour Hennessy VS and lime juice into a tumbler. Add ice cubes and top up with ginger beer. Stir with bar spoon. Garnish and serve.

Hennessy Ginger Old Fashioned


Hennessy VS siphon infused with ginger 60ml

Homemade honey syrup 5ml

Angostura bitter 3 drops

Dried orange 1 slice

Ginger 1 stick


Put the ice cubes into an old fashioned, pour 30 ml of Hennessy VS, homemade honey syrup and bitter. Stir gently with the bar spoon. Add ice cubes and another 30 ml of Hennessy VS and stir again. Garnish with dried orange and ginger. Serve.