Save Your Leftovers for Later with Vancouver’s Finest Takeout Restaurants

We’ve all waxed poetic about the joys of a home cooked meal and extolled the benefits of a hard-working Dutch oven. But while holing up at home certainly frees up time to tinker with your world-famous fish curry recipe, constant meal planning is tiring and ensuring variety is tough. Fear not: we’ve rounded up a list of Vancouver’s greatest takeout options, from farm-to-table tongue to top grade sushi.

Ubuntu Canteen

Ubuntu Canteen is a staple of Vancouver’s Fraserhood neighbourhood. Locals love it for hearty and healthy dishes made with organic, seasonal ingredients, like crispy corn and grain cakes or aged albacore tuna niçoise salad with green olives, a hard boiled egg, cornbread crouton, and tonnato, a tuna-flavoured Italian condiment resembling mayo in texture. Call 604 336 9097 ahead for takeout!

Say Hey Cafe

30 Rock’s Liz Lemon once said, “All of humankind has one thing in common: the sandwich.” – and we’re inclined to agree. From the Roast Beast, which substitutes roast beef with beef shoulder, to the Meatball Hoagie, Say Hey Cafe’s artisanal sandwiches prove Lemon right once again: “All anyone really wants in this life is to sit in peace and eat a sandwich.”


Vancouver boasts some of the best sushi in Canada, thanks to its proximity to the Pacific, and Carp doesn’t disappoint. This hidden gem serves fresh sushi and rice bowls, like a Japanese chicken curry or poke. carp-sushi-bowl

Di Beppe

Your go-to spot in Gastown for hearty, refined Roman comfort food, including carbonara or amatriciana pastas and fennel sausage and onion pizza.

Medina Cafe

Start your day off right with a breakfast sandwich and fresh waffles from Medina Cafe, a Vancouver stalwart serving the city’s finest brunch food. 

Burdock & Co.

Chef Andrea Carlson opened Burdock in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood seven years ago, and has since built a loyal following for her farm-t0-table cuisine, like a decadent pork and fennel ragout with shaved anise, fennel pollen, or grilled tongue with red endive and pickled Saskatoon Berries.


Indulge your pasta craving with Centro’s authentic, modern Italian classics, like pappardelle bolognese or burrata with prosciutto.