The Sharp List: Great Gifts for the Gamer in Your Life

The gaming industry’s latest and greatest developments prove that a meaningful sense of escape doesn’t require a passport — just a next-gen console.


LG GX OLED TV No matter how many shows we’ve been streaming lately, we still find our TV to be a bit too dominant
of a presence in our living room when not in use. Thankfully, LG’s ultra-thin GX OLED is here to put an end to imposing TVs once and for all. The 77-inch 4K TV sits completely flush against the wall and features a virtually non-existent bezel, so it looks more akin to a distinguished piece of art than a distracting piece
of tech. The secret to its slim proportions: an OLED display. Instead of using a bulky backlight, the screen incorporates self-lit pixels that also ensure deeper blacks, richer colours, and better responsiveness during fast-paced video games. $6,000

ZX1 camera by Zeiss

ZX1 camera by Zeiss

This 37.4-megapixel camera boasts built-in Photoshop. So reality can look like whatever you want it to.
$6,000 USD


We may have spent most of this spring engaged in the gentle island activity of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but lately, we’re ready to experience some proper action again. Right on cue, Sony and Microsoft are ushering in new consoles that pack a true punch. Equipped with complex ray tracing technology, this latest generation of gameware promises to deliver ultra-realistic graphics that look crisp even on an 8K television (and downright spectacular on a 4K TV). Meanwhile, zippier solid-state drives promise to significantly cut load times. Which leaves only one question: which console should you pick?

PlayStation 5

The best thing it has going for it: Haptic feedback — tactile sensations that expand upon the simplistic rumble feature built into old controllers to better simulate tension when you’re completing actions like pulling an arrow. FROM $500 (FOR THE DIGITAL EDITION)

Exclusive content: Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is the sequel to one of the PS4’s best blockbusters — and, thanks to its focus on web-slinging, is likely to be a great demo of the PS5 controller’s torque features.

Xbox Series S and X

The best thing it has going for it: Price. While the top-of-the-line Series X model runs steep, a more modestly equipped Series S model meant for folks with regular TVs shaves off some power to come in under $400. FROM $380 (FOR THE SERIES S)

Exclusive content: The true new Xbox smash, Halo Infinite, won’t be out until next year. For now, Microsoft is touting its Xbox Game Pass subscription service, and full backwards compatibility with XBox One games.

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Stretch out your screen:

Stretch out your screen: 49″ Odyssey G9 curved monitor by Samsung, $1,800

Relive simpler times:

Game & Watch handheld by Nintendo, $70

Add joysticks to your iPhone:

Backbone One controller, $100 USD