Come Sail Away On These 5 Yachts When This is Over

It’s tough to imagine travelling anywhere these days, let alone sailing the open seas. But it’s a goo time to do some armchair traveling, and perhaps a bit of early planning for your next vacation. What better way to splash out than with a yacht? For as long as humans have travelled the seas, they’ve travelled in style. From Egyptian kings and their fancy feluccas to modern-day titans and their superyachts, there’s no greater adventure than charting the open waters – especially if those waters are crystal clear and border secluded islands. To help kickstart the planning of your next vacation, we’ve compiled a few of the finest yachts that you can conquer the high seas with, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Ramble On Rose

Built in 2011 but refit in 2019, the Ramble On Rose is the choice for watersport fiends. Fitted with sailing dinghies, a fly board, and jet-skis, amongst other toys, this is the yacht to have fun in the waves with. And after whipping up an appetite, you’ll have every whim catered to thanks to two on-board chefs.


This 1939 build (refit in 2019) is the perfect example of how to bring a piece of history into the modern age. Well-equipped with a BBQ, water-skis, and even hammocks, it’s suited for 8 to 10 people. Some family fun or a friend’s reunion? Don’t mind if we do.


This 56m build by Perini Navi is a contemporary beauty. Fitted with water-skis (and bicycles for the landlubbers), it houses 14 guests in 6 staterooms, while also offering a jacuzzi and gym with ocean views.



If you’re more of a sailor, this homage to the great Grand Banks Fishing Schooner might be more up your alley (or perhaps port?). Engineered and designed by the famed W. Starling Burgess, this schooner was built in 2014 to carry 12 guests in the utmost style across any ocean.

Alfa Nero

If you’re more interested in letting loose than you are sailing, the Alfa Nero is what you’re after. The 82m Oceanco superyacht is a design masterpiece with a clever bit of engineering: its pool floor rises to turn into an outdoor dance floor.