Watch Olympian Joey Mantia Speed Skate Across a Lake in Siberia for Armani’s Acqua Di Giò

Armani & Sharp

There wasn’t a lot of ice in Joey Mantia’s hometown of Ocala, Florida, but that didn’t stop him from becoming one of the fastest men in the world on skates. Mantia spent his childhood hanging out at his local indoor rink and honing his skills on inline skates when he couldn’t get a ride to the ice. Passionate and determined with plenty of natural athletic ability, Mantia set his sights on becoming a world-class inline speed skater at a young age. By his mid-twenties, Mantia was well on the way to living his dream, with dozens of World Championship wins, and medals from three Pan-Am Games. 

Still, however, the ice beckoned. 

In 2010, Mantia hung up his inline skates and dove full-force into the world of speed skating on ice. Mantia’s risk was rewarded two years later when he was invited to train with the US Olympic team, and a year after that when he earned his first gold medal at the World Cup in Berlin. Ever since, his life has been dedicated to pushing himself farther on the ice, in constant pursuit of speed.

Teaming up with Armani to film “The Scent of Life,” Mantia travelled thousands of miles to the world’s largest and deepest lake, Lake Baikal, in remote Siberia. “Skating is living on the edge,” Mantia says in a voiceover as he glides across the lake’s froze surface. “The ice, peaceful and strong, amplifies your speed, but the wind is a hostile traveler that wants to slow you down. You learn to trust your senses, and your silent struggle with nature becomes a dance.” With skills honed over a lifetime, and a passion burning deep within, Mantia’s life’s work is not about mastering the ice, but learning how to harness its power.

Acqua Di Giò Profumo

Mysterious, sensual, and thoughtful, Acqua Di Giò Profumo is a cologne drawn from ancient volcanic rock and deep, cold waters – much like those of SIberia’s Lake Baikal. This addition to the Acqua Di Giò family begins with fresh bergamot and marine essence and contrasts these bright, lively scents with the deep, hypnotic warmth of incense. The result is fascinatingly complex, confidently masculine, and as invigorating as a plunge in an icy lake.  

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