Celebrate National Tequila Day with Jose Cuervo Tradicional

Sharp & Jose Cuervo

National Tequila Day is almost here. If you don’t have July 24th marked on your calendar, now’s a good time to do it. There’s also no better time to familiarize yourself with Mexico’s greatest culinary export since the taco. As the oldest tequila maker in the world— using the original recipe for 226 years and counting—Jose Cuervo Tradicional knows the intricacies of this unique spirit better than anyone else. Seriously: from the volcanic soil where they grow their agave to La Rojena distillery where they use traditional methods to transform 100% Blue Weber Agave into the world’s original tequila. But how you enjoy it is totally up to you.

Jose Cuervo Tradicional has a couple of suggestions to help you make this National Tequila Day the best one ever.

The cocktail: Tradicional Cantarito

The Cantarito is widely regarded as the “Signature Drink” of the state of Jalisco (the birthplace of tequila) and enjoyed by many at roadside stops through the region. This refreshing concoction of citrus, soda and tequila is believed by many to be the predecessor of the Paloma, the national cocktail of Mexico. Traditionally enjoyed in a clay mug called a “Cantaro”, bartenders now experiment with different bespoke glassware and vessels to serve this refreshing mix!

The tequila: Jose Cuervo Tradicional Reposado. Made from select 100% blue agave, this premium tequila is aged in charred oak to give it the smooth and subtle complexity that tequila lovers crave. Fragrant with aromas of lime, fresh herbs and space, it boasts a warm and spicy finish.


  • 1½oz Jose Cuervo Tradicional Reposado
  • ½oz Lime Juice
  • 1½oz Orange Juice
  • 1½oz Grapefruit Soda
  • Rim Pink Sea Salt

Garnish: Wheel of lime + wheel of orange
Method: Build all ingredients in a highball with ice, stir and garnish.

The cocktail: Field Margarita

One of the most ordered cocktails in the world, the Margarita is the prefect drink to celebrate National Tequila Day. Rich with history, it is said that the first ever Margarita was made with Jose Cuervo in the 1940’s, and when Jose Cuervo was shipped to the United States it was advertised with the tagline “Margarita: it’s more than a name”. The Margarita has become a great vessel to accentuate the aromas and flavours of the tequila. Modern bartenders are using unique flavour combinations to compliment the tequila, making it a great way to cheers National Tequila Day.

The tequila: Jose Cuervo Tradicional Plata. This 100% Blue Agave tequila gets its refined character from finishing at freezing temperatures. This means that it can, and should, be kept chilled in the freezer and served as a crisp, smooth, frozen shot. It’s also the perfect ingredient for that perennial summer party starter, the margarita.


  • 2oz Jose Cuervo Tradicional Plata
  • ¾oz Lime Juice
  • ¾oz Ontario Strawberry-Honey Syrup*
  • 2 Jalapeño Slices
  • Rim Sea Salt

Garnish: Wheel of lime + slice of jalapeño
Method: Rim glass with lime then salt. Build all ingredients in a shaker with ice, shake hard, strain and garnish.

*Ontario Strawberry-Honey Syrup Recipe
Combine 1 part honey, 1 part sugar and 2 parts water with a pint of fresh Ontario strawberries (cleaned and chopped). Bring to a boil and stir until the sugar is dissolved, then let steep until cool. Muddle, strain and you’re ready to party.