Big City Blues: Street Style Inspiration

Whether you’re commuting to work, taking the dog for a walk, or grabbing a cup of joe from your favourite local spot — we know you want to look good. That doesn’t mean you have to pull out your best tux but it also doesn’t mean you want to put on a pair of old sweats and call it a day. There’s a happy medium. Whether it’s a colourful puffer vest, a designer bucket hat, or a trendy cardigan, integrating a few statement pieces into your wardrobe can help you take on the streets in style. The days get shorter but the fits get better.

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Vest by Moncler, at Harry Rosen; Shirt and Pants by Sandro; Boots by Christian Louboutin; Tie by LE 31, at La Maison Simons (all price upon request)

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Coat by Dior; Vest, Shirt, and Hat by Prada (all price upon request)

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Shirt, Coat, and Hat by Louis Vuitton Men’s (all price upon request)

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Coat by BOSS; Pants by Prada; Boots by Christian Louboutin (all price upon request)

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Jacket by Benson, Sweater by Diesel, and Shoes by Moncler, all at Harry Rosen; Pants by BOSS (all price upon request)

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Coat by Dior; Sweater by COS (both price upon request)

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Shirt by BOSS (price upon request)

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Coat by COS; Shirt and Pants by Le 31, at La Maison Simons; Shoes by BOSS (all price upon request)

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Jacket, Pants, and Boots by Dior; Turtleneck by BOSS (all price upon request)

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Cardigan, Shirt, and Pants (all price upon request) by Louis Vuitton Men’s

Photography: Garrett Naccarato (Visual DPT)

Styling: Keegan Lathe (Folio)

Grooming: Ronnie Tremblay (Folio)

Model: Mazir (FACES)

Photo Assistant: Jules Bédard

Style Assistant: Juliette Bourbonnière