For 15 Years, SHARP Has Championed Some Out of This World Photoshoots

Photography is one of the most powerful tools a magazine has when telling a story, whether it’s about far-off destinations, unique products, or the season’s choicest wardrobe pieces. At both SHARP and The Book For Men — which have received numerous awards for photography and creative direction over the past 15 years — big, lush, and high-concept photoshoots have been a priority from day one.

One of the ways SHARP‘s photoshoots have stood out over the years is by making use of compelling locations. These have included sleek modern mansions, abandoned power stations, dusty junkyards, and sparkling trout streams. Our location choices have always been carefully considered with the goal of highlighting the most covetable wardrobe pieces in unique ways. In one memorable shoot, the season’s best black-tie looks were photographed on a Swiss mountaintop, using the bright whites of the snow and deep blacks of the rocks to underscore the power of a well-tailored black and white ensemble. In another, the magazine chartered a sailing yacht in the Mediterranean, and turned its polished teak decks into a catwalk for sporty-casual spring looks.

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Photography by Sean Cook. Styling by Luke Langsdale.

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Photography by Brian Ypperciel. Styling by Florence O. Durand.

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Photography by Adrian Armstrong.

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Photography by Mario Miotti. Styling by Luke Langsdale.

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Photography by Matt Barnes. Styling by Mark John Tripp.

Sometimes, as in the case of a shoot made up of luxury dive watches artfully styled against a backdrop of fresh seafood for The Book For Men, the connection between setting and subject is more literal. Other times, as when SHARP photographed the performers of Cirque du Soleil’s Volta performing in bold, colourful pieces from the world’s top luxury brands, the combination is part of a deeper metaphor.

The intricacies of organizing a fashion shoot in the Nevada desert or atop an Icelandic glacier are challenging, to say the least, but it’s just one of many ways that SHARP‘s editors, designers, photographers, stylists, and support staff endeavour to create world-class content for each issue. As you can see from these images, the results more than justify the effort.