A Closer Look at the Psycho Bunny 4,000 Stitch Standard

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In the deep sea of menswear brands, compromise is something that enters the conversation far too often. Forgiving boring design for the sake of quality, or worse, forgiving poor quality for the sake of a look that’s desirable; this Sophie’s Choice is precisely the type of decision making that Psycho Bunny set out to quash ever since it hit the market in 2005. The brand recently set eyes on Canada, opening its first flagship store north of the border on July 29th of this year.

This push for equal parts quality and style starts with the brand’s logo — an obsession with little details led to design of the little bunny being stitched into every garment, comprised of 4,000 stitches. Looking around at the bulk of the polo market and competing brands’ logos, it would have been easy for Psycho Bunny to find a way to cut corners. Instead, this is just one of many hallmarks of the brand’s quality promise.

Psycho Bunny 4,000 Stitch Standard

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Psycho Bunny 4,000 Stitch Standard

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Psycho Bunny 4,000 Stitch Standard

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Psycho Bunny 4,000 Stitch Standard

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Choice of fabrics and fits are equally important at Psycho Bunny, as the brand remains dedicated to delivering clothing that no only looks good, but also stands the test of time. Opting for 100% Pima Cotton for its polos, tees, socks, and a new line of long-sleeved Oxford shirts, the brand delivers a fantastic level of comfort and durability. Pima is known for being one of the most durable forms of cotton on the market, ensuring its garments will stand the tests of time.

In addition to the fabric itself, Psycho Bunny polos are constructed with an exclusive diamond knit pique, meaning the fabric has four-way stretch and resists wear. The collars won’t roll, the cuffs won’t sag, and the fit will properly keep its form. While there’s more to the brand than its polos — tees, pants, swimwear, and other items are all a part of the offering — the polo is really the brand’s core offering. The polo is to Psycho Bunny what the Air Max is to Nike, so to speak.

While promising to deliver on fit, comfort, and quality, the brand’s ethos will blend in with the masses. Big colour and energy is king at Psycho Bunny, and it rightfully acknowledges that not everyone will be happy and comfortable with a skull and crossbones bunny on their breast pocket. For the bold, and for those willing to have fun and take risks, Psycho Bunny will welcome one and all with open arms.


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