Infiniti Brings Michael Murphy Art Installation to Art Toronto Show This Weekend

The name might not immediately ring a bell offhand, but there’s little doubt that you’ve seen Michael Murphy’s “Perceptual Art” before. Known for his perspective-driven suspended animations, which include works that display words, faces, or even forms that can display a pair of disparate visual representations depending on the angle of view; Murphy’s Identity Crisis installation comes to mind, showing a map of America when viewed head-on, and a handgun when viewed from the side.

In the case if this all-new commission for Infiniti Canada on display at Art Toronto, Murphy’s new work is titled Moment of Clarity, and depicts a chaotic mass of daily life objects that can make one’s life feel out of hand. When viewed from the driver’s seat of the 2023 QX60 that is parked in the installation, visitors experience the title of the work, as all of the suspended elements come together into a crisp representation of the Infiniti logo.

Murphy is no stranger to brand partnerships, and once provided with the brief from the brand the piece came together with little effort. Leaning into a vision of peace and serenity — the emotion and vision applied to the interior and exterior design of the 2023 QX60 — Murphy captured this essence perfectly using a mix of found objects and manufactured items. Taking over a reasonably large footprint in the eastern end of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre during Art Toronto, the work can be experienced now through 6pm on Sunday, October 30th.