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How Desus and Mero Conquered Late-Night

They discuss how to avoid getting cancelled, Drake’s unlimited winning potential and why their new book is written mostly in all caps.

Scott Aukerman on Directing ‘Between Two Ferns: The Movie’ and Finding the Heart in Cringe Comedy

The film, starring an aggressively awkward Zach Galifianakis, was entirely improvised.


4 New Comedy Specials That'll Make You Snort-Laugh

We have reached peak funny.

Eric Andre Really Doesn't Want You to Like Him

With ‘The Eric Andre Show’ premiering in Canada, TV's most anarchic late-night host tells us how he keeps his guests clueless and uncomfortable.

My Interview With Hannibal Buress Went So Poorly He Heckled Me During It

“What’s up with your questions, man?”

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Evan Goldberg on the Delicate Art of Telling Dick Jokes in the #MeToo Era

Seth Rogen's writing partner explains how the duo ensured the dude humour in Netflix comedy ‘Game Over, Man!’ didn’t go too far (although some critics feel it still did).