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The Many Merits of Taking Paternity Leave (Even as a Freelancer)

Returning to work following the birth of his daughter, Nicholas Hune-Brown outlines a few of his ground rules for juggling deadlines and diapers.

Watching Animals at the End of the World

How a new wave of nature docs asks all the right questions.

Why ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Avengers’ Aren't Actually Ending — and Neither Is Any Franchise in the Serial Era

We live in an age of rampant serialization, binging cliffhanger after cliffhanger. And there may be no end in sight.

The End of the DeMar DeRozan Era Taught Me About the Importance of Never Getting Too Comfortable

When management deals a blow to your team, you have to decide what exactly you were cheering for in the first place.


Why Netflix's Documentary Obsession Isn't Exactly Good for Documentaries

Stranger than fiction.

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How NBA Twitter Gave Me a Necessary Respite from the Real World

Nicholas Hune-Brown escapes modern malaise by developing a basketball obsession.