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The 10 Best Super Bowl Ads

By: Bianca Teixeira|January 29, 2015



Apple ‘1984’ (1984)

Looking like a post-apocalyptic movie trailer, this Apple commercial ushered in the change that turned Super Bowl commercials into the big-budget advertising mini-movies we watch now.

McDonalds ‘The Showdown’ (1993)

Larry Bird and Michael Jordan duke it out on the court for Michael’s Big Mac lunch. The two-part commercial should also be recognized for dressing Michael in those patterned separates.

Volkswagon ‘The Force’ (2011)

You can try and not smile at this commercial (you know, because you’re watching football and you’re tough) but you won’t win. Everyone saw a little bit of themselves in the little boy trying to use the force on everything in his house and failing. Until he succeeds! Sort of.

Pepsi and Cindy Crawford (1992)

These two little boys thought they hit the jackpot when they got to watch Cindy Crawford drink a Pepsi. Don’t lie, so did you.

Budweiser’s Brotherhood (2015)

It hasn’t technically aired yet, but this one will be a hit, trust us. Slated for this year’s Super Bowl (for American viewers) his commercial featured a puppy who is separated from his best horse buddy. They reunite later when the horse comes to the rescue. No, YOU’RE crying!

Mean Joe Green and Coca-Cola (1979)

Snug in it’s spot as one of the most beloved Super Bowl ads, this classic commercial featured Mean Joe Green, a kid and a bottle of Coke. The rest is history.

Victoria’s Secret ‘Adriana’ (2008)

Football AND a Victoria’s Secret angel? Touchdown. Adriana Lima was just here to remind you about your lady…and Valentine’s Day.

Snickers and Betty White (2010)

This was the moment when we all said collectively: ‘Oh yeah! Betty White!’

Old Spice “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ (2010

This now infamous ad sparked that whole ‘I’m on a horse’ quote-craze and a slew of other Old Spice commercials starring Isaiah Mustafa.

Reebok Hires Terry Tate (2003)

Even though this commercial might not seem so funny now with more and more NFL players getting arrested for battery and assault. But at the time, watching Terry Tate violently tackle people who remind you of annoying coworkers was pretty damn funny.

Budweiser Home of Goals (2015)

While the Americans cry over a puppy and his horse, Canadians will get to watch the Budweiser bring employees at Soucy Baron (a factory in Saint-Jérôme, Que. that makes the NHL’s official pucks) their very own ‘Red Lights’. The puck-makers are then taken to a game to watch their pucks become goals.

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