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Sharp Auto

Get on the Road this Summer with the New BMW 2 Series Gran Coupé

There’s never been a BMW like this one.

Sharp Auto Father's Day Gift Guide

We’ve put together a selection of gifts for dads with a low-key automotive obsession.

Roaring to Life in the New Bentley Flying Spur

If you know much about cars, you must have a soft spot in your heart reserved for the brand.

The BMW M8 Is the Heavyweight Champion of the World

M Division is where BMW’s normally polite and otherwise well-mannered vehicles go to get ripped, shredded, and toned.

Acura Aims to Win Enthusiasts with the All-New TLX Type S

Acura is on a mission to win back enthusiasts and drivers who aren’t willing to simply accept boring cars, and...

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Why the New Targa Is the Coolest Porsche 911

It doesn’t just stand out in the 911 range — it stands out, period.