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On The Record

Inside Wu-Tang Clan's Best Record in Over a Decade

DJ Mathematics also shares his thoughts on Martin Shkreli selling the crew's one-of-a-kind album on eBay.

Making a Scene: Why Lewis OfMan Is the Toast of Paris Right Now

The Paris-based artist traces a line through eras of Euro pop, and we cannot get enough.

Drake Will Probably Release a New Album in 2018, and Redefine the Limits of Overexposure While He's at It

What Drizzy's relentless output says about the music industry.

The Ting Goes Viral: The 5 Best (and Worst) Songs That Became Memes in 2017

The marriage between social media and music hit a strange peak this year, changing the way songs are marketed.

Robert Plant on Stylistic Exploration, Trump, and All Those "Dull" Tribute Bands

On his latest album 'Carry Fire,' the onetime Zeppelin frontman's song remains anything but the same.

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You've Drummed A Long Way, Baby: Madame Gandhi's Aim is To Beat Sexism – Literally

Her debut EP, 'Voices', is an perfect soup of electroclash, trap, and downtempo.