This Is the Sound of Two Black Holes Colliding: Here’s What Happened in the Galaxy Today

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1. If two black holes collide in space but no one’s around to hear it, do they make a sound?

We now know definitively that the answer is yes, they do — and physicists say its proof of Einstein’s general theory of relativity , his final work which theorized the existence of gravitational waves.  Confused? Read this excellent breakdown from the New York Times on why this is so important.

+1: Here’s what gravitational waves sound like.

+1: The inside story on how scientists actually discovered the waves.

2. Why are mothers in wealthy, first-world countries having more twins?

“In many developed countries, the rate of twin births has doubled or more than doubled over the past few decades, according to a recent study published in Population and Development Review.”

3. Siri is killing your accent

“Voice recognition tools such as Apple’s Siri still struggle to understand regional quirks and accents, and users are adapting the way they speak to compensate”

4. NATO is sending ships to Greece to deter human trafficking

“With more than a million migrants having reached Europe in the last year and many more on the way, NATO stepped into the crisis for the first time on Thursday, saying it would deploy ships to the Aegean Sea in an attempt to stop smugglers.”

5. Here’s what’s wrong with Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign

On the powerful, underlying role that narrative plays in our politics.