Watch LeBron James Hammer Home an Off-Target, Off-The-Backboard Alley Oop

It’s easy to take LeBron for granted. 13 years into his career, King James has pulled off so many outrageous things on the court, gone from hero to villain and back so many times, that you might find yourself subconsciously overlooking him in favour of Steph Curry’s long-range gongshow out in Oakland.

And then he does stuff like this, and you go, Oh, right, LeBron is still the most freakishly athletic human being on the planet. Last night, on a breakaway, JR Smith decided to lob one off the backboard to a trailing LeBron. Except he misfired, and LeBron was forced to acrobatically adjust in midair. It could’ve easily been a blooper, but he somehow managed to grab the ball with his left hand and hammer it home with authority.

You think Steph could do that?

Afterwards, LeBron didn’t seem particularly impressed with the accuracy of Smith’s pass.

But the point guard claimed he intentionally tossed it high. “I wanted to see what he could do with it,” Smith told ESPN after the game. “He’s 31 years old. Show me what you got.”

I think he showed you all right, JR. He showed us all.