Candace Smith Knows the Secret to a Better Relationship

Candace Smith knows how to pick a man. In fact, she does it professionally.

The actress/model/producer/psychology major/life coach/TV host will be heading up another season of Million Dollar Matchmaker, a reality show that finds Smith coaching rich people to be better at relationships. “This season has a whole new format,” she says. “It’ll be a breath of fresh air. We’re bringing back some repeat clients for a week-long boot camp. We zero in on what’s holding them back in their love lives and try to fix it.”

Since we won’t be taking part in the boot camp (but will likely be watching when it premieres July 8th on WETV), we asked Smith to give us a few of her tips for a better relationship. “Work on yourself before looking for the ideal mate,” she says. “Present yourself as authentically as you can and if they can’t accept you than you’re already incompatible.”

In place of our usual Would You Rather? quiz, we asked the matchmaking expert to tell us which millionaires she’d rather have as clients.


Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg?

I’m going to go with Mark. They’re very similar, but Mark is younger and there’s still the potential of him breaking out of his shell for the sake of compatibility. He’s so business oriented. If you get those kinds of guys when they’re still relatively young, you can help them see the world outside of their laptop.

Jerry Seinfeld or Tyler Perry?

Oh, Jerry Seinfeld! I’m a huge fan of his and I really think that with him what you see is very close to what you get. I can’t deal with the characters that Tyler Perry plays. Who knows which is the real him?

IMG_2617 final

Simon Cowell or Steven Spielberg?

[Laughs.] Spielberg! Simon has an ego the size of Mount Rushmore, so it would be difficult to match him. He seems to like the kind of woman who is seen but not heard. And I don’t deal with that kind of attitude when I’m matching. There needs to be a certain level of respect in every relationship. Hello, Donald Trump.

Tom Cruise or Mel Gibson?

Oh god. How can you do that to me in the morning? And I drive by the Scientology Celebrity Centre everyday. But, I have to go with the man who believes in aliens! All the homophobic, misogynist, racist comments that come out of Mel make him undesirable. I wouldn’t match him with my worst enemy.


Richard Branson or Jay Z?

Jay Z for sure. They’re both hugely successful so there’s definitely going to be a big ego to deal with. I’ve met both of them and I feel like Richard has a lack of authenticity. He might have that Peter Pan syndrome as well as that Older-Guy-But-I’ll-Be-Cool-Forever thing going on.

Derek Jeter or Michael Jordan?

Oh wow, talk about egos. Maybe now that Michael is older, he won’t have the energy to be such a player! [Laughs.] I think Derek is still too wrapped up in his own hype. With all of Michael’s life experiences, I think he’s finally at a point where life has been put into perspective. He’s calmed down a bit. Athletes can be delusional about who they are. Michael is much further past that than Derek. Or he should be.

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