These Ceramic Speakers Sound Even Better Than They Look

Just like clothes, audio equipment goes through cyclical style changes. Just when you throw down a hefty chunk of change on a go-big-or-go-home set of subwoofers and tweakers, miniature all-in-one speakers become a must-have for their portability and convenient size.

To save you from this endless back-and-forth, we’ve found the solution: a speaker system that sits comfortably dead centre.

And they basically look like a damn sculpture.

Allow us to introduce TRNK’s Ceramic Speaker System, crafted from porcelain with handsome birch stands. The audiophile-approved, Bluetooth-compatible system looks like art and sounds like a concert in your living room. The speakers are capable of pumping out an audio range of 70 hz to 20 hz, while the subwoofer goes up to 200 hz.


They’ll sound like speakers 10 times their size, but you’ll still be able to carry ’em around your house with ease. In other words, all your parties are about to get turned up to 11.