Vancouver Tops List of Cities at Risk of Housing Bubble: What We’re Reading

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Here’s what we’re reading today:

1. Trump goes on offensive after weak debate

“A defensive Donald J. Trump lashed out at the debate moderator, complained about his microphone and threatened to make Bill Clinton’s marital infidelity a campaign issue in a television appearance on Tuesday just hours after his first presidential debate with Hillary Clinton.

“And defying conventions of civility and political common sense, Mr. Trump leveled cutting personal criticism at a Miss Universe pageant winner, held up by Mrs. Clinton in Monday night’s debate as an example of her opponent’s disrespect for women.”

+1: From last night: Read David A. Graham’s excellent debate wrap up in The Atlantic.

+1: Matthew Yglesias: “Trump’s first presidential debate confirms that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. ”

+1: Trump’s Campaign Co-Chair: Trump’s tax returns are nobody’s “damn business”

2. Vancouver, London and Stockholm are most at risk for housing bubble

“House prices in the near-bubble cities have increased on average by almost 50 percent since 2011, compared with less than 15 percent in other financial centers, UBS said. Low interest rates, global capital inflows and optimism among investors about returns have helped to inflate values.”

3. Elon Musk: Here’s how we’ll build a city on Mars

“Musk dropped the news during an address at the International Astronautical Congress meeting in Guadalajara, Mexico, where he had promised to reveal how the company planned to send people to Mars—and how it would keep them alive once they got there. Today, we finally got the first news of how he intended to do that.”

4. How the West might soon be lost

From the Financial Times: “But even his candidacy suggests that the US role in the global order risks undergoing a transformation. That role depended not only on American economic and military prowess, but also on the values it represented. For all its mistakes, the ideal of a law-governed democratic republic remained visible. Hillary Clinton is an imperfect candidate. Mr Trump is something else altogether. Far from making America great, his presidency might unravel the world.”

5. How the ultra-rich smoke weed

“Shuman is part of a growing circle of entrepreneurs capitalizing on what she calls the ‘pot com boom.’ With US marijuana sales expected to top $10 billion by 2018, there’s a lot of money to not only be made in the legal bud industry, but also to be spent. So 14-karat gold vape pens, dank artisan grown bud, golden rolling papers, munchie-free skinny weed, and gourmet edibles are transforming a once underground trade into a luxury business.” Motherboard‘s Luxury Week takes a look at how the world’s richest stoners prefer to get baked.