Watch Denzel Washington Relive His Greatest Characters Through a Bunch of Normals

We didn’t expect our favourite Valentine’s Day gift to come from Jimmy Kimmel and Denzel Washington, but here we are.

On last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the venerable actor was challenged to a game called “Did I Say That?” in which he attempted to identify lines from his most famous onscreen characters. The only catch? The dialogue was all performed by a variety of normals at a farmers’ market.

Believe it or not, Denzel quotes sound nothing like Denzel quotes when they come from the mouth of an elderly lady in search of the ripest pear on the block. One market patron even managed to bungle up what is undoubtedly Washington’s most iconic line, turning it into a possible trick question:

“King Kong ain’t gonna shit on me.”


Despite dealing with obvious amateurs, though, the two-time Oscar winner does a pretty good job. Because duh, he’s Denzel.