Heinz Is Running Ads That Don Draper Created on ‘Mad Men’ in Real Life

It was always a little weird and unbelievable when companies would pass on one of Don Draper’s campaigns on Mad Men (unless, of course, dude was half in the bag following an epic lunchtime bender). How could you possibly say “no” to such meticulously crafted monologues, delivered in that deep, dramatic, and dare-we-say sensual timbre? Goodness, I’m blushing.

One of the companies to turn down some classic Draper brilliance was Heinz. Don and Stan presented a series of beautifully simplistic ads depicting close-ups of food practically crying out for a little ketchup, but were gently rebuffed by Heinz executives.

Now, 50 years later (or, if you only see Mad Men as a work of fiction, four years later) Heinz has realized the error of their ways — or, you know, their marketing team is kind of lazy — and will be running Don’s original ads on billboards, in the New York Post and Variety, and on their social media channels. The creative forces behind the ads — both real and fictional — are all credited, including Heinz’s current agency, David Miami, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, and Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner.

The stunt actually necessitated new photos of the food to be taken and recreated down to the last detail, and they nailed it. Don Draper cannot lose.




H/T: AdWeek