The Second Trailer For ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Is Even Better Than the First

The Leafs are out. The Raptors got their pants pulled down. And the way things are going, the Jays might as well already be out of the playoffs too. Point is, there’s currently not a whole lot to look forward to out there.

Actually, scratch that. There’s still at least one date worth circling on the calendar: October 6, 2017. Because that’s when Blade Runner 2049 comes out.

The first trailer got us hyped, setting the tone and the table for the Denis Villeneuve-directed, Ridley Scott-produced sequel to the sci-fi classic. The newly released second trailer, though? It delivers the goods.

Everything about it is all kinds of amazing: the way Villeneuve pays homage to the look of Scott’s original. The downright gorgeous cinematography (maybe this is the year Roger Deakins finally gets that Oscar he’s deserved for the last three decades?). A grizzled Harrison Ford doing grizzled Harrison Ford things. Drax throwing people through walls. Ryan Gosling essentially reprising his character from Drive (Moody LA Guy in a Cool Jacket). That score.

But that’s not even the best part. Because the best part is when (Oscar-winner) Jared Leto soothes a newly-“born,” fresh-out-of-the-bag Replicant before cooing “Happy birthday.” It’s like he saw Eddie Redmayne in Jupiter Ascending and told his assistant “Hold my beer.” …Is it too early to start lining up for opening night?