It’s a Christmas Miracle: Playing ‘Gran Turismo’ Can Now Win You $60,000 in Prizes

If you were a teen anytime between the late ’90s and late aughts, and had a healthy interest in cars and video games, then you most likely spent copious hours playing Gran Turismo. And there’s a good chance your parents ragged on you for obsessively drifting through said PlayStation racing series. “You’re wasting your time on that thing!” they probably kvetched. Or maybe “Focus on your studies instead!” or “Please get some sunlight, you look like a corpse!” Well, the joke’s on them, because being good at GT can now win you a whole bunch of money, a trip to California, and some invaluable racing gear. Bet sunlight can’t do that!

With the recent release of Gran Turismo Sport, eSports titan WorldGaming is holding its first national racing tournament. Presented by PlayStation and Pfaff, the WorldGaming Gran Turismo Sport Canadian Championship Series is, firstly, a mouthful, but such a big deal that it warrants the lengthy name. It will see the nation’s top 16 drivers (on Gran Turismo Sport, obvy) convene in Toronto on February 25, 2018 for one epic barn burner of a race. Gamers will angle for their share of $60,000 in prizes, including a cash pool of $25,000. The grand prize is a three-day, all-expense paid trip to Grand Prix of Long Beach in California, $5,000 in racing gear from Piloti, and carbon-fibre body panels from a Porsche RSR race car. That doesn’t sound like a waste of time to us.

You can register now to get your Wizard on, with online competition starting January 13.