Downsizing to a Prefab Home Has Never Been Sexier: Here’s What We’re Reading Today

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1. Would you live in any of these 13 prefab cabins?

“Construction in a controlled factory setting means these cozy cabins are not only space-efficient, but also carefully built.

“Prefabricated homes are known for their high quality of construction and quick build times—but that doesn’t mean that these residences sacrifice on design.”

– Dwell

2. The Alienist is premiering on January 22 and you really don’t want to miss out

The Alienist plays like a time-traveling installment of True Detective — Cary Fukunaga was even set to direct at one point and retains an executive producer credit, along with several collaborators from previous incarnations — or a 19th century version of Mindhunter, still delivering in sumptuous period production values and strong ensemble casting what it maybe lacks in freshness.

“Set in New York City in 1896, The Alienist begins with the horrifying discovery of a mutilated body of a young boy in women’s clothing. An underage prostitute in a brothel catering to a wealthy clientele with illicit appetites, the immigrant victim is too poor to be of interest to the police no matter how grotesque the nature of his death.”

– Hollywood Reporter

3. Daniel Day-Lewis actually became a competent tailor for his last ever film Phantom Thread

“Daniel Day-Lewis has a reputation for inhabiting his film characters totally, in mind, body, and spirit. And for Reynolds Woodcock — the fictional, fastidious couturier at the center of Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread — Day-Lewis was even more invested than usual.

“While Anderson was writing the script, Day-Lewis studied fashion, learning how to cut, drape, and sew — and even re-created a Balenciaga dress on his own.”

– Vanity Fair

4. When Death Machines of London comes out with a motorcycle, you know it’s going to be cool

“Built as a tribute to co-founder Giovanni Ravelli, the Airforce by Death Machines of London puts a heavy emphasis on Moto Guzzi’s aeronautical beginnings. Starting with an early-80s Le Mans Mk II, nearly everything except the frame and forks are custom-built.

“The low-slung stance and art-deco design make it a fitting monument to Ravelli, who died before the company he helped dream up was formed.”

– Uncrate

5. You’ll never have to worry about spoilers again with this new Facebook feature

“Facebook has announced a new feature that will filter spoilers from your news feed.

“Ricky Van Veen, Facebook’s head of global creative strategy, delivered a keynote conversation at this year’s National Association of Television Programming Executives conference and during that conversation, he revealed that Facebook’s algorithm will be able to identify and remove spoilers from users’ news feeds to preserve a fresh viewing experience for those who want it.”

– Slash Film