Russian State TV Photoshops an Awkward Smile on Kim Jong Un’s Face: Here’s What We’re Reading Today

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1. Smile, Mr. Dictator

“Russia’s Channel One aired a segment yesterday about Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s recent meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. But one part of the news broadcast was pretty weird. Take a look at Kim’s face in the screenshot on the left. Kim has been photoshopped to look like he’s smiling. And it’s not even a very good photoshop job.”

– Gizmodo

2. GM VP Mark Reuss crashes at the Indy race… before the race starts

“A 2019 Chevy Corvette ZR1 pace car crash led to a 27-minute delay of the 2018 Detroit Grand Prix on Belle Isle. General Motors executive vice president of global product development Mark Reuss was behind the wheel. Both the driver and passenger Mark Sand, an IndyCar official, were unharmed and exited the vehicle after the incident.”

– Autoblog

3. The eventful career of Conan O’Brien 

“Within the relatively unchanging landscape of late-night TV, Conan O’Brien has had an unusually eventful career. There were his rocky early days on Late Night, the ill-fated eight-month stint as host of The Tonight Show, and now the news that his TBS show, Conan, will move from an hour to half-hour episodes beginning in 2019. (Yes, the aforementioned events account for a small slice of an otherwise consistent — and consistently hilarious — 25 years as a late-night host, but still!)”

– Vulture

4. Island retreat in Washington state

“Sited in a grove of second growth cedar on an island in the state of Washington, the Whidbey Retreat is where a pair of artists get inspired. The property is made up of the main house, two artist studios, and a garage. Although surrounded by a rustic landscape, the buildings take on a contrasting industrial presence created by a palette of concrete, galvanized metal, polycarbonate, and bright primary hues. Inside, concrete floors and white walls provide a neutral interior that allows the artwork to shine. Skylights and clerestory windows along the sloped roofline wash the space with natural light while panels of glazing wrap the living areas with views of the forest and nearby meadow.”

– Uncrate

5. The marshmallow test

“The marshmallow test is a famous psychological experiment designed by Walter Mischel in the 1960s. Kids were given a single marshmallow but told they could have another if they refrained from eating the first one for 15 minutes. The results seemed to indicate a much greater degree of self-control amongst those children who were able to delay gratification, which led to better outcomes in their lives.”

– Kottke