The ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Trailer Is Here to Tickle Your Lizard Brain

Buckle the heck up, folks, because the official trailer for Hobbs & Shaw, the first of what I assume are many Vin Diesel-less spinoffs from the Fast & Furious franchise, is here! And it’s got all the DHT-fueled action you were hoping for: Dwayne Johnson (Hobbs) saying “can of whoop-ass” while looking all Rock-like, Jason Statham (Shaw) Tokyo drifting under a semi-trailer, and Idris Elba — now with superpowers! — sprinting down the side of a building while carrying Princess Margaret. Remember when these Fast & Furious movies were just about mortal street racing bros who stole VCRs? Man, things done changed.

Hobbs & Shaw will make a gazillion dollars this summer starting on August 2, 2019.