Our Favourite Car Commercials of All Time — Part 2

Last week, we brought you our favourite long-form car commercials of all time. Those are the ads that get all the glory. They can, occasionally, rise to the level of cinema. But making a great short-form ad is arguably even more difficult. You’ve got a handful of seconds to make people pay attention and get a point across. That’s not easy.

Some of our favourite commercials here are downright weird. Some are cute. Many are funny. But all of them keep us watching rather than smashing that “SKIP AD” button. Here are some of the best. 

Peugeot’s sense of humour almost makes us want a 206 

Although, if you’re going to sculpt your own car, a French sub-compact is an odd choice.

This famous Lexus ad helped put the brand on the map

It helped of course that the LS400 really was this smooth.

Volkswagen remembers what it’s like to be a child, with The Force

This 2011 Superbowl spot is still among the most-watched car ads of all time.

BMW captures the feeling of “driving on the edge” better than anyone

Also, the M1 has still got it.


Walmart brings all the movie cars together

It’s not a car commercial exactly, but hey, this is our list.

Mercedes shows that chickens can dance

You know what, it’s so weird it just might work.


…But then Jaguar took a bite out of Mercedes’ chicken

“It’s good to be bad” was Jaguar’s best tagline.

Renault shakes its tail

This ad got the company in trouble, and the ad was banned from daytime TV.

Honda shows that anyone can ride a motorcycle

Wait for it…


Genesis gets Chrissy Teigen to tell it like it is

Because celebrities sell.

Audi does cause marketing right

Also, who wants to build a soapbox racer while we’re WFH?


Hyundai shows how to use Smaht Pahk

Is there a movie starring Chris Evans, John Krasinski and Rachel Dratch? Because they should be.