Six Wonderful Whiskies to Win Father’s Day

SHARP & Beam Suntory

With Mother’s Day in the rearview, it’s time to think about a gift for your old man. Served neat, on the rocks, or as part of a sour cocktail, premium whisky makes for a perennial pleaser. We’ve curated a list of six top-shelf spirits ahead of Father’s Day, with selections from Canada, Japan, and very obviously Scotland as well. Swirl your glass, slow down, and read on to find six whiskies worthy of a Father’s Day tasting.

AO Suntory World Whisky

AO Suntory world whisky white background
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Suntory’s World Whisky Ao is a globe-trotting tour across the five major whisky regions; the blend combines Irish complexity, Scottish smoky depth, American vibrancy, Canadian gentleness, and Japanese refinement into a single sip. Even the bottle’s name is evidence of Suntory’s commitment to world-class whiskies — “Ao,” the Japanese word for blue, references the oceans that join together all five countries. The artful spirit features accents of vanilla, apple, and tropical fruits along with a lingering spice, resulting in a sweet-but-spicy World Whisky that’s golden, rich, and well-balanced. (ON: $105, price varies by province)

Bowmore 15-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Hints of tropical fruit dance with sherry influences in this 15-year-aged single malt whisky. First matured in bourbon barrels before spending its final three years in Oloroso casks, Bowmore’s scotch whisky has a robust finish to match its deep warm hue. Packaged in a smooth red-and-white box, Bowmore adds an air of elegance to Father’s Day festivities. (ON: $120, price varies by province)

Reifel Rye

Reifel Canadian Rye Whisky white background
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Crafted in honour of George H. Reifel, legendary distillery manager who laid the foundation of the iconic Alberta Distillers Limited (ADL) 76 years ago. Reifel Rye captures his rugged, adventurous spirit in its rustic glass bottle. This “high-rye”  whisky is aged in charred white oak and ex-bourbon barrels, adding an unexpected layer of depth. George H. Reifel was passionate about local ingredients and extraordinary flavour, and would be proud to see that his namesake rye whisky captures the complexity of Canadian prairie rye. Rounded notes of toffee, banana bread, and chocolate meet sweet accents of poached pear and crème brûlée, making this 84-proof “high-rye” whisky a must-try – this past January, it even won Best New Whisky of the Year at the Canadian Whisky Awards. (ON: $50, price varies by province)

Canadian Club 100% Rye

Canadian Club 100 Rye Whisky white background
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Canadian Club’s 100% Rye Whisky balances its clean finish with the traditional spice of rye grain in a premium bottle that shines like antique gold. Toasted grains and hints of clove comprise the blend’s piquant part, while gentle, woodsy notes of caramel, oak, and sweet vanilla ground the drink with Canadian Club’s signature smoothness. (ON: $32, price varies by province)

Canadian Club Classic 12-Year-Aged Whisky

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Canadian Club makes a reappearance on our list with this award-winning blended spirit. The blend’s nuanced palette pairs subtle notes of creamy vanilla and butterscotch with a full-bodied barley profile. Seasoned, char-treated oak bourbon barrels age this whisky for 12 years before it hits the shelves, giving the spirit a taste to match its deep amber colour. (ON: $34, price varies by province)

Alberta Premium Whisky

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Alberta Premium captures the grit of the prairies with its top-notch whisky offering. The liquor’s explosive taste — born from Canadian rye grain and glacial, Rocky Mountain water — is a woodsy combination of earth and smoke. Lighter aromas like toffee and banana compliment the blend’s more mellow components of vanilla and spice. Proud to be made local, the brand sources their rich prairie grains from well-established farmers, making their premium whisky a community-conscious choice. (ON: $30, price varies by province)