In Montblanc Boutiques, Spaces Match Style

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Montblanc understands the importance of “space” more intimately than most. Because, when it comes to creating fine pieces, the German Maison has learnt that it’s not enough to merely consider the design and dimensions of the product alone — it must also consider the spaces in which these pieces are put together and sold. Today, the company’s global reach spans six continents, with outposts from Mumbai to Malta; Cape Town to Toronto’s own Yorkdale Mall. But Montblanc’s defining dedication to location can be traced back to Hamburg, where the Maison was established in 1906.

Hamburg is a harbour city on the North Sea, home to Montblanc’s current headquarters and original manufacturing facility. The site was built with the utmost intention, a precision that the Maison continues to translate onto its products. But the city is not only where Montblanc began building its reputation for creating fine luxury goods — it is also where, this fall, it launched its latest campaign.

A man sits on a leather chair inside Montblanc Toronto Boutique

Featuring a selection of new writing instruments, leather bags, and reimagined in-ear headphones, the campaign to launch the Extreme 3.0 collection was shot on location by photographer Mariano Vivanco at another noteworthy site; the New York Public Library. Titled “The Library Spirit”, the campaign presents libraries of all shapes and sizes as places of inspiration for creatives’ wide-ranging works — and, accompanying every writer, researcher, architect and academic is a selection of Montblanc accessories, each designed to enhance their fast-paced lives.

The choice of a library for the campaign’s setting is no accident. Since the Maison’s beginnings, Montblanc has been dedicated to displaying its goods in spaces that reflect the skill and meaning it takes to create them. In New York, this would naturally be the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, the flagship of the city’s public library system. In Toronto, such a space lies behind a newly redesigned storefront in Yorkdale Shopping Centre. Re-opened this September, the boutique reflects the values of the campaign, with over 1,200 square feet of inspiring, intellectually-minded space.

In Montblanc Boutiques, Spaces Match Style

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In Montblanc Boutiques, Spaces Match Style

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In Montblanc Boutiques, Spaces Match Style

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In Montblanc Boutiques, Spaces Match Style

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MONTBLANC 142 BAG. ($1,565)

Inspired by the Montblanc Haus museum in Hamburg, the refurbished Toronto-based boutique borrows several architectural elements from its Hamburg- based inspiration, from lightweight concrete boards and contemporary millwork to interactive stations that both elevate the space and complement the new campaign. The millwork style, in particular, takes its fluid inspiration from the cursive handwriting of the Maison’s fountain pens, and begins a new visual chapter for the Maison across boutiques.

And, for a Maison with its origins so deeply rooted in a culture of writing, it seems only right that Montblanc’s retail spaces pay tribute to the craft of penmanship. Which is why, in the newly reopened Toronto boutique, the Maison has emphasized its heritage by installing a dedicated writing table upon which customers can try out its classic writing instruments including the iconic Meisterstück collection.

Additionally, Montblanc has built a small-yet-intimate watch corner where horology enthusiasts can discover the Maison’s latest timepieces — including the 1858 Iced Sea watches — and a corresponding leather corner, where they’ll find new launches, ranging from the Extreme 3.0 backpack, with its M LOCK 4810 buckle, to the Extreme 3.0 Compact Envelope bag in a fern blue shade. The collection offers luxury companions to navigate modern life, created with the tradition and technique Montblanc has honed over the years.

Just as Montblanc is dedicated to creating functionally elegant pieces that accompany their customers in their quest to leave their mark, this spirit of inspiration is also reflected in the Maison’s boutique experience. From its fountain pens to fine leather accessories, Montblanc creates heritage-inspired heirloom products — and has done so for over a century. Today, the German Maison honours and continues that legacy of thoughtful design by ensuring that every store is a space for customers to discover the world of Montblanc and find lifetime companions that help spark creativity on their journey of discovery — wherever that may be.