How Flygreen Is Injecting Sustainability Into Private Aviation

Flying private is a touchy subject when it comes to the idea of going green, which is fair when conversations circle online about the environmental impacts of the likes of Taylor Swift and Jay-Z’s private flights. That said, companies like Flygreen are taking this to heart and are taking steps in the right direction to mitigate these issues. It’s not like those with the means are about to stop flying private, so giving consumers tools to make smarter decisions about how they fly can still make a difference.

It’s safe to say that all-electric private aviation is not yet in the cards, and Flygreen knows this, so until that time comes, it relies on a handful of methods to lean into sustainability. First and foremost, Flygreen has helped plant over 20,000 trees across North America through partnerships with forestation initiatives. Flygreen even keeps a counter on their own site of the number of trees planted, which is a welcome touch of transparency.


In addition to tree planting efforts, Flygreen has recently launched a new initiative to further capture carbon emissions. Through a matching program, Flygreen now pledges to match 50% of their customers’ carbon capture contributions, offering a tangible way for travelers to actively participate in reducing their environmental impact.

Outside the skies, Flygreen’s dedication to sustainability is also visible internally. With its Drive Green program, the firm encourages its employees to shift to electric vehicles and public transit use, offering monthly subsidies, and promoting a work culture entrenched in sustainability and conscientious living.


For travellers booking through Flygreen, its Jet Charter Executives are prepared to provide a healthy amount of guidance on its offering to ensure not only travel requirements are met, but also that they are met in as environmentally friendly fashion as possible. In addition to trips for individuals, Flygreen also offers comprehensive travel solutions for groups and corporate clients, including sports teams and personal assistants handling business travel. These services encompass group commercial bookings and group reservations including commercial charters. Boasting a robust network of over 7,000 private aircraft around the globe, their Jet Charter Executives are easily able to accommodate just about any travel request, whether it’s a family hopping from Toronto to Miami, or a corporate retreat from New York to Los Angeles.

With commercial travel boasting its fair share of challenges over the last handful of years, it’s easy to understand why flying private is a more appealing option that ever for those with the means to do so. Between understaffing, unexplained cancellations, and a tangible drop in service standards, what was once a palatable experience is now a tough pill to swallow. To have a private option that is clearly being mindful of the environment is quite refreshing, and easy to get on-board with.