From the Collection: Ken Block Online Auction

Loaded with 43 handpicked items from Ken Block’s personal collection of memorabilia, From the Collection: Ken Block, an eBay Motors online auction, is a chance to acquire a piece of history.

Ranging from as-used car parts battered in Gymkhana films to limited edition apparel from earlier in Block’s career, there’s something for everyone… even if you’re more into furniture than cars. More on that in a second.

“Ken was passionate about motorsports, action sports, creative arts and giving back to those communities. We founded 43 Institute after his passing to carry on his empowerment of others.”

Lucy Block

Lucy Block, Ken’s wife, a pro rally driver and Block House Racing principal, said in a release accompanying the sale, “Ken was passionate about motorsports, action sports, creative arts and giving back to those communities. We founded 43 Institute after his passing to carry on his empowerment of others.”

“Opening our archives for the first time with eBay Motors and sharing a piece of his career with fans is the perfect way to honor his legacy,” she said.

With bidding already underway and ending on April 13, 2024, these 43 items will be tough if near impossible to acquire in the future. Including memorabilia from a wide range of Ken Block’s passions, from off-roading to rally; to modern art and design, we’ve scanned the list and picked our favourites.

Lucy Block
Lucy Block. Photo courtesy of eBay.

Ken Block and his team were masters of collaborations, often capable of pulling artists with varying styles, into worldwide fame. Figure Troy Lee, Death Spray Customs, It’s A Living (real name: Ricardo Gonzalez), and others.

Through Block’s career, these seasonal style changes could be seen in shared themes that linked merchandise to the bold designs adorning his showstopping vehicles.

Whether in evaporating tires for millions of views or in leading less-known collaborations, Ken Block’s signature influence is unmistakable… even when it’s applied to furniture.

Deep Cut Choice: “Tire Slayer” Modernica Chairs

Hoping to spruce up a breakfast nook or draw eyes from across a loft? Two It’s A Living – “Tire Slayer” Limited Edition Modernica Chairs are available in this auction, resplendent in a bold Tire Slayer motif that It’s A Living also incorporated into Ken Block’s racing livery and apparel for 2021.

“Tire Slayer” Modernica Chairs
Photo courtesy of eBay.

Here, it’s applied to an absolute classic, still-handmade fiberglass chair, built in Modernica’s Los Angeles factory.

Paying homage to Ken Block’s attention to detail as a tastemaker, the chair doesn’t fall into the trap that most automotive-themed products do, instead being dominated by It’s A Living’s unmistakable dripping graffiti style.

Cost No Object: Alpinestars Race Suit From 2016 Race Season

If you’re going to buy a cost-no-object piece of Ken Block memorabilia, short of buying a raced car or used helmet, a race suit must be your next choice.

In 2016, glitch art specialist Felipe Pantone was asked to deliver an unforgettable livery — and it turned out as one of the most iconic looks of Block’s career. Evolving from the 2015 ‘Galaxy’ style, Pantone’s crisp black and white patterns with simple color selection have since spawned a thousand imitators.

Ken Block racing suit
Photo courtesy of eBay.

Displayed properly in a well-lit case, this 2016 racing suit as worn by the late Ken Block would be an undeniable conversation starter, even if the viewer has never heard of the sorely missed rally, drifting, and stunt driver.

All proceeds from the auction will benefit 43 Institute, a charity focused on opening paths of opportunity for youth in motorsports, action sports, and creative arts.

Auction ends early on April 13, 2024. See the full list of items here.