50 Gifts To Buy Yourself

For the man who thinks he has it all.

For those who feared that they were men who, indeed, did have everything, that the world contained no more wonders, no lands left to conquer and all that, we offer this list, humbly, as evidence to the contrary.


Artillery Shell Cocktail Shaker

Made by the US manufacturers Gorham and Co. around 1915, this cocktail shaker brings some serious firepower to your bar cart. It’s fashioned after an 18lb. artillery shell, with a black nickel body, a copper shaker on top and a silver-plated removable section containing a set of six shot glasses., $8,500

Manual Coffeemaker No. 1

The Manual is all about craft over convenience. But the control of it—slowly hand pouring the water over the grinds, no disposable pods involved—helps bring out each coffee’s distinct flavours. Plus, it’s better looking than just about any other coffee maker out there., $80

Hermes Silk Knit Tie

When it comes to ties, Hermes has been doing it right since 1949. This striped version is knitted from sleek silk and wool, offering more texture (and style) than typical plain-woven ties., $170

The Balvenie Carribean Cask

Balvenie’s Carribean Cask is finished in Caribbean rum barrels, which impart a sweet-meets-spicy qualities into the spirit. Notes of burnt sugar and tropical fruit are immediately apparent on the nose and persist right through to the finish. It’s all about the barrel., $110

Cronos Cutlery

Put away the good silver. The Cronos cutlery set by Portuguese manufacturers Herdmar—family-owned for over a hundred years—has a rose gold patina that’s as unusual as it is classy., $60

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

Certain sensations are always appealing, like the brush of a cool coastal breeze or the reassuring whisper of the tide. Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue evokes our ties to the ocean with a blend of Mediterranean notes like Sicilian mandarin, rosewood and oak moss that is immediately familiar and modern at the same time., $90 for 125 ml

Thomas Sabo Charm Club Bracelet

Plaited from natural brown leather and finished with sterling silver hardware, Thomas Sabo’s bracelet is rugged and refined. Wear yours next to a stainless steel watch and hang with the best-dressed gents at Pitti Uomo (or at least be the most stylish guy at poker night)., $200

EDC Card

Thirty functions are built into this wallet-sized ‘Every Day Carry’ card—a massive amount of functionality in a small package. Made with high quality materials and equipped with a Phillips head, a beveled edge, a bottle opener, open hex drivers and much more. A toolbox for your wallet., $40

Bowers & Wilkins 805 Maserati Loudspeakers

B&W’s legendary flagship speakers get a makeover: the pure diamond tweeters are now encased in the black leather and birdseye wood veneer of the titular sports car’s interior. Always a treat for the ears, now, they take care of the eyes, too., $10,995/pair

Park Place Stool

The craft cocktail craze doesn’t just demand the best booze and bitters. It also needs a refined atmosphere. The rose copper Park Place stool by Yabu Pushelberg is a princely, bar-perfect perch—especially because of the buttery leather upholstery., $5,450

Ermenegildo Zegna Leather Business Bag

Ready to drop the ‘Junior’ prefix in your job title? Make sure you look the part. Crafted from supple leather and outfitted with enough space for important office essentials (file folders, notes and a slim laptop), this Ermenegildo Zegna briefcase will help you seal the deal in style., $1,420

Ittala Cookware

Finnish manufacturer Iittala makes premium pots and pans that combine high-quality craftsmanship with the uniquely Scandinavian finesse for proportion and composition., $375

Furtif Evercut Knife

The French-made Furtif Evercut knife has the cutting edge of Louis C.K. sketch. The blade is made via a laser bonding technique that keeps it slicing consistently well for up to 25 years before it needs to be sharpened. If there is a rock star among knives, this is it., $80-$140

Bison Straight Razor

Designed in collaboration with bespoke razor maker Max Sprecher, this is the kind of heirloom-in-waiting that your grandsons will fight over: the 01 carbon steel blade and Japanese uni carbon fibre handle are built to last more than a lifetime., $895

Tiger of Sweden Wool Bomber Jacket

In an age where bomber jackets are getting ultra modern upgrades (think neoprene and flashy tech fabrics), Tiger of Sweden takes the silhouette in the opposite direction with a piece in Harris Tweed—pure new wool that is dyed, spun and woven in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland., $710

Edge of Belgravia Black Diamond

Designed by Christian Bird, this sculptural knife block will make you look like you know what you’re doing in the kitchen, at least from an aesthetic standpoint., $100

Hide and Seek: The Architecture of Cabins and Hideouts

The dream of the cottage is to enjoy some blissful isolation with whomever you deem worthy. That’s not exactly how things end up, though, with kids, traffic, neighbours and the like. But, you can still have the dream. Hide and Seek captures arresting cabins and getaways that make you ache for some alone time., $60

Parsons Pool Table

The classic billiards table, perfectly upgraded. This ditches pub-style kitsch for a welded steel frame and hand-selected black walnut; an industrial look, softened by quality black felt and inlaid brass markers., $17,500

Philips Airfryer

Oxygen—it sustains all life on earth. And, perhaps as part of that mandate, can cook a mean French fry. Rapid Air technology cooks quicker (room temp to 300F in three minutes flat), and uses 80 per cent less fat than your faithful old fryer. You’re not saying goodbye to fried food, just taking a delicious break., $250

Parajumpers Slim Fit Parka

Designed in Italy and inspired by the requirements of the 210th Rescue Squadron, based in Anchorage, Alaska, these parkas are that rare mix of rugged and refined. With hard-wearing technical fabrics and functional details, this will see you comfortably through the winter in the utmost style., $1,280

DJE Chairs

Christophe Delcourt designs these chairs with a rigid architectural base that props up the plush and inviting pod-shaped seats in a range of soft fabrics. Arresting and modern, without sacrificing coziness., $8,480

Johnnie Walker Blue

Sometimes the best gift is a familiar one. Johnnie Walker Blue Label is one of those whiskies that keep bringing people back for more. It’s an extremely well balanced blend that leads with a cedar and berry nose, evolves into a smooth, oak and toffee palate and finishes, of course, with the breezy hint of peat and earth that characterizes Johnnie Walker’s spirits. It’s familiar in the best way., $300

Ambrosi Abrianna Pro Golf Bag

Made from either fine grey ostrich or black crocodile leather and stitched by expert craftsmen in Milan, this bag boasts unmatched durability—not to mention eye-catching singularity. Your name and an edition number will be engraved on a gold-plated insignia on the bag—not that you’d let it get out of your sight anyway., $62,000

Accuphase Integrated Stereo Amplifier

In an era of disposable electronics, Accuphase offers a level of service that elevates a great performing product to the status of legend. The E-360 is a prime example of the Accuphase pedigree: impeccable build quality with classic styling and powerfully accurate sound. As with the finest watches or cameras, Accuphase offers extended product support and keeps stock of spare parts to ensure the E-360 will be serviceable for a lifetime., $10,500

Hermes Nautilus

Hermes’ line of statement-making products—luggage, neckties, equestrian saddles —now includes pens These stainless-steel writing instruments, which come in ballpoint and fountain varieties, were created in collaboration with renowned Australian designer Marc Newson, who recently joined the creative team at Apple., Price on request

Shaker Table

Vancouver carpenter Jeff Martin is a traditionalist with a twist: his Shaker table updates a 250-year-old design with cast bronze legs and a contemporary top made from reclaimed wood. A perfect fit for nearly every space., $18,000

Axel Arigato Suede Tassel Slippers

Slippers are no longer reserved for padding around the house. Handmade in Spain and lined with calf leather for optimum comfort, Axel Arigato’s suede pair is outfitted with a sturdy wooden heel that’s ideal for the city streets., $255

Herzog: The Collection

This 13-disc Blu-ray box set celebrates legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog with selected documentaries, features, interviews and original trailers, along with a 40-page booklet. Consider it a high-brow binge watch., $160

Horn Money Clip

Made of Nigerian ox horn, this money clip is not only sleek, it’s also pliable enough to fit a few bills as well as a couple cards. The swirls and patterns on each clip are as unique as whoever carries it., $40

LG 65” 4K Curved OLED TV

Three of TV tech’s top trends together at last: Ultra HD resolution paired with a super-bright OLED screen that’s curved for your viewing pleasure; it’s like watching the game on an avant-garde sculpture., $12,000

Swash Express Clothing Care

Say goodbye to your dry cleaner. As soon as you slough off your button-up (or sweater or suit) hang it up in the Swash and in 10 minutes, it’ll be delivered back to you freshly steamed, dewrinkled and deodorized. Though not currently shipping to Canada, using a service like will get it close., $500

Frederik Roje Smokestack

Sitting outside braving the cold is a decidedly Canadian thing to do. Now, shiver less. Shaped like a factory chimney and made from corten steel—which gives it a uniquely wooden look—the Dutch designer’s smokestack is over six feet tall, all the better to warm your boots around this season., $1,750

LaCie Sphere External Hard Drive

The only HD that’s as pretty as it is powerful. LaCie provides the 1 TB of storage space and high-speed USB 3.0, around which French silversmiths Christofle sculpted a handmade work of desktop art., $520

The World’s Most Expensive Watches

Horophiles—you know, people who love timepieces—will be want to spend some time with this glorious coffee table book. Written by Sharp Timepiece Editor Ariel Adams, over 300 pages are dedicated to the most extravagant watches you’ve ever seen. Incredible photos of the craftsmanship and intricate mechanisms of these will make your desire to own one even stronger., $65


Remember the days, before the internet and televised lingerie fashion shows, when your adolescent year was marked by the mysterious arrival of the Victoria’s Secret catalogue? This coffee table tome of Russell James’ photos of the brand’s greatest spokeswomen is like that, only more respectable. Transcendent even., $200

Carnivore Club

Get your deli delivered, your meat by mail, your cuts by courier… we could go on. The point is: for a monthly fee, Carnivore Club will ship a selection of meats to your home or office or wherever. Now, they’re offering a special package, a custom cigar humidor filled with the choiciest hand-cut meats from Spain along with a Mambacho Classico cigar in a glass tube. It brings smoked meats to a whole new level., $125

Rogue Sweater

The Beat Generation wore turtlenecks as a rebellion against traditional formalwear, and this Rogue version easily rivals the other sweaters in your wardrobe. While we wouldn’t suggest wearing it to a black tie affair, the soft wool-blend and complex rib construction make for a far more elevated look., $350

Grey Goose VX

When Grey Goose began bottling premium vodka from the Cognac region in France, eyebrows were raised. Now, with a solid reputation as one of the finest spirits the world over, they’ve decided to pay homage to their terroir with a cognac-finished premium vodka. Grey Goose VX has the same smooth, sophisticated taste and mouth feel that you expect from the French vodka, but is punctuated with notes of summer fruit, subtle citrus and wild honey for a sensory experience that’s uniquely refreshing., $100

Banana Republic Leather Moto Gloves

Get the benefits of added grip in those twisty road (or just do yourself a favour until the heated steering wheel kicks in). Banana Republic’s moto gloves are made from supple taupe leather and finished with snaps for a secure fit for ultimate comfort and motoring style., $95

Gucci Diamante Leather Card Case

It’s time to let go of your overstuffed billfold in favor of a more streamlined choice. Expertly crafted in Italy, Gucci’s diamond-embossed card case is made from slim yet sturdy leather that will easily slot into the interior pocket of your suit jacket without adding extra bulk., $170

Bruce Springsteen: The Album Collection Vol. 1 1973-1984

The Boss is still the Boss. Always will be. But this collection lets you experience how he earned that title. Bob Ludwig, Toby Scott and Springsteen himself collaborate on the newly remastered set available on vinyl or CD., $80

Hagino Mitsunobu Kitchen Essentials

Designer Hagino Mitsunobu’s wine, can and bottle openers are uncannily cool and clean lined, not to mention highly durable: the matte black finish is a fluorocarbon polymer that doesn’t rust. There’s nothing that says kitchen staples need be boring., $35-$190

Fetch GoPro mount

If you have a dog, it’s likely they are already the subject of most, if not all, of the videos you post online. (Everyone is hustling for that sweet, sweet pet-centric Youtube fame.) It’s about time you let them take the footage. The Fetch mount straps easily to Fido so you can film what he sees. There will be grass, balls and dog butts., $60

Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Carry-On Case

Your leather weekender is beautiful, it’s true, but when you’re trying to make a connecting flight at a gate that’s two kilometers down a busy airport terminal, lugging a suit and two pairs of leather shoes (plus your laptop and whatever else you have) over your shoulder just isn’t practical. The Victorinox Spectra 2.0 is sturdily built from polycarbonate, is smooth and agile on its four dual-caster wheels, has an easy-access front zipper and will fit in any carry-on space. Save the weekender for the cottage. Fly with this., $630

Stoli elit Pristine Water Series: Andean Edition

Stolichnaya’s elit Pristine Water Series: Andean edition is a lesson in excellence. The grain comes from a single-sourced farm in Tambev, Russia, while the water is sourced from ‘Clear Water’ Colico Lake in the Chilean Andes. The bottle, which boasts a hand-beaten silver medallion with a single ruby as the elit flame at its centre, comes in a black cherry wood, Bentley-leather-lined box. All of this to say: here is a spirit worthy of your utmost appreciation., $60

Louis Vuitton Grimaud Travel Bag

Arrive in style with Louis Vuitton’s Grimaud travel bag. Immaculately crafted from the iconic Damier graphite canvas for a lightweight yet sturdy structure, this spacious carryall will ensure you look worthy of Executive Class from takeoff to touch down and beyond., $2,620

Pal Zileri Leather Boots

Although Pal Zileri’s boots are crafted in Italy, we can’t help but think they were tailor-made for the Canadian man. This pair is constructed from water-resistant patent leather and fully lined with soft and insulating fur. Bonus: the gripped rubber sole offers superior traction on slippery winter sidewalks., $825

Apple Watch

Sure it comes in both 38mm and 42mm case sizes and offers loads of functionality including some very well-executed real-time navigation functions – what really matters is that it doesn’t look like any other smartwatch out there. Get yours in polished stainless steel on a Milanese loop bracelet for the ultimate combination of style and technology., $350

Maison 630’s The Eliot

Ground in beautiful yet subtle impressions, this cardholder from Maison 630 pairs a Derby leather (soft yet durable) with the dark-brown-to-black textured Wenge wood for a piece that exudes confidence. Fits up to 5 cards., $120

Bulova Accutron II

It’s hard to argue ‘I have too many’ when it comes to flawless timepieces. Bulova makes a great case for its Accutron II that is water resistant, with a leather band and a curved crystal face. Try as you might, you’ll eventually break down to own this incredible timepiece., Price upon request

For every aspect of your life, from your home, your office, your cottage, your bar, here are a few things you don’t have yet. But, really, really should.