The 2015 Golden Globes Best and Worst Dressed

The 72nd Golden Globe Awards saw Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in fine comedic form (why can’t they host forever?) with assists from Margaret Cho as a North Korean ambassador, and a smug Ricky Gervais on presenter duty.


Best Navy: Matt Bomer

Gist: Navy was the colour of the night, looking fresh against a sea of black tuxedos. Matt Bomer, who won for his role in The Normal Heart, was the best of the blues, looking streamlined thanks to the shawl collar and small bow tie. But let’s be honest: the guy’s so handsome that as long as his clothes fit, he looks good.


Worst Dressed: Kevin Dillon

Gist: The Entourage crew returned to the Golden Globes (allegedly sneaking in some filming on the red carpet for the movie adaptation of the show), and while none of them fared particularly well, Kevin Dillon was the worst offender with this metallic monstrosity. The texture, shine and what look like matching buttons (?!) on his shirt are just too much. Check out David Oyelowo if you want to see a successful take on shine.

Worst Fit: Jamie Dornan

Gist: Anticipation was high for the stars of 50 Shades of Grey to make their debut on the red carpet, and unfortunately, Jamie Dornan (playing the titular Mr. Grey) stumbled. He did right by choosing a classic tuxedo with peak lapels, but the lousy fit (shoulders are big, pants are long and bunched) really ruin the line and make it look like a rental.

Best Details: Kevin Hart

Gist: The comedian clocks in at 5-foot-four-inches (he and Ryan Seacrest argued over who was taller), but still pulls off big style. The white piping and blingy watch aren’t choices that everyone would make, or could pull off, but Hart does so with aplomb. These details let his personality shine through while still looking dapper.

Best Grey: Ethan Hawke

Gist: Another dapper gent in grey, Hawke’s choice is a more obvious variation from the expected black, and it pays off (also, does he ever age?). The key to pulling off a modern tux colour? Keep the elements traditional: the shawl collar, crisp white shirt and tuxedo stripe down the pants balance out the mod choice.

Best Dressed: Michael Keaton

Gist: This year sees the actor making a return to form both in film (he took home the Best Actor in a Motion Picture Comedy or Musical award for Birdman) as well as on the red carpet. It helps that the fit is impeccable, but it’s really all in the details: the unique gunmetal shade, the two-toned lapel and a great watch as a finishing touch.

Worst White: Jared Leto

Gist: Jared Leto is a stylish guy who can normally wear things that most men wouldn’t even dream of putting on. He fails this time though in an off-white tuxedo that even he can’t make work, and we really can’t co-sign the man braid—bring back the man bun or just let the flow flow. The finger pointing also doesn’t help. Don’t be that guy.

Worst Grooming: Matthew McConaughey

Gist: The McConaissance hits a snag with this outing. The rich plum of the tuxedo is a great choice, but can’t save the fact that the fit (everything looks too big) and the beard are a mess. Sure, it might be for a role, but the scraggily scruff and greasy looking hair really should have been cleaned up before such a public event. Let’s just focus on his gorgeous wife, Camila Alves, instead.

Worst Navy: Edward Norton

Gist: It could be the camera flash, but Norton’s tuxedo reads so dark that it could be black, which make his navy tie stand out, and not in a good way. Keeping the shades of the two much closer together really would have helped make things less confusing and more cohesive. But really, the tux’s worst offence is that it does nothing for the actor and is ultimately boring.

Best Velvet: Eddie Redmayne

Gist: Redmayne can thank his British genes for being able to play the role of dandy so well. The slim cut of the pants paired with the great velvet jacket really works for the actor (he won Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama for portraying Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything). The piping detailing on the jacket is a great touch, it adds some nice contrast and definition.

Most actors made it through the show without being the brunt of one of their jokes, but how did they fare on the sartorial front? Click through to find out.