A Woman You Should Meet: Carlson Young

There’s something about Carlson Young that makes you feel like you’ve met her before. Maybe it’s her girl-next-door affability, or maybe it’s her contagious giggle. More likely, it’s because you definitely have seen her before – that is, if you’re a comedy fan. Young has been a fixture in funny circles for years, guest-starring on shows like The League, The Kroll Show and Key & Peele (Jay-Quelin, anyone?). As a rule, the 24-year-old Texas native generally prefers laughing to screaming in terror. But this summer, she’ll be starring in Scream, the television adaptation of the iconic ’90s slasher flick.

So you’re going to be in a television reboot of the movie Scream. That’s crazy.

I think it’s going to be pretty exciting. It’s set in the same world as the Screammovie, so that should be pretty interesting. Not the same characters, but the same town years later. This ‘event’ happens in the first episode that kind of opens up a window to all the of murders in the past.

Can you tell me a little bit about your character?

I play Brooke Maddox. She’s kind of the charismatic, ferocious, sexy leader of the popular girls, but I feel that might sell her short a little bit. She’s actually pretty complicated and manipulative. She’s really fun to play.

No offence, but those kinds of characters never do too well in the actual horror movies, do they?

[Laughs] No, they don’t. No they don’t.

Are you able to tell me if maybe the mask makes some kind of guest appearance?

I don’t know. I don’t want to get in trouble. [Laughs] I hope so and also I’m going to be really scared if it does.

If you were to guess, how far do you think your character is going to make it without being murdered?

I don’t know. Mortality rates are going to be incredibly high, so I’m just crossing my fingers and going to set with a smile on my face. Maybe that will be enough. I don’t know?

I always try to not get attached to anybody.

I think that my character has a lot of potential for growth and I think that, with this being a TV series, you’re going get to see a lot more of the characters than in the movies. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Are you a fan of other films in the horror genre?

I’m actually completely terrified by horror movies. It’s kind of funny that I am in this now, but yeah.

But Scream is the one that you made it all the way through?

Yeah, I did make it all the way through Scream.

Are there any other scary movies that you can handle?

Well, when it comes to scary movies, nothing beats The Shining.

You come from a comedic background. I was looking at some of your credits and I love a lot of the shows you’ve already been on.

I’ve had a pretty even background in comedy and drama. Comedy is just sort of what I’ve become obsessed with over the years because I totally love what women in comedy, like Amy Schumer, are doing right now. It’s amazing.

But it’s definitely not to say that I haven’t been equally as involved in drama. It’s nice to have both things going on.

Of all the other characters on the show that you know, who do you think will live the longest?

I don’t know. I would assume that Willa, the main character, makes it, but the truth is that I don’t know. I feel like it’s anybody’s game.

Do you have a favourite sequel, prequel, reboot or remakes?

Well, I weirdly really did like the second Scream. I thought that was really well done. I’m trying to think of a reboot of a scary movie…hmm, can’t really think of any right now. Like I said, scary movies scare the crap out of me.

Any regular movies, not scary ones?

Regular movies, well I am a fantasy freak so you know…put me in Middle Earth any day and I’m as happy as I can be. The Two Towers is my favourite sequel of all time.

Did you also enjoy the prequels to those?

The Hobbit? Yeah, I love The Hobbit. I think it could have been one movie…I still loved it. I will take what I can get from Middle Earth.