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Dress For the Job You Want (with Scandal’s Tony Goldwyn)


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Dress For the Job You Want (with Scandal’s Tony Goldwyn)

By: Sharp Staff|May 7, 2015



On The Fitz

Tony Goldwyn shouldn’t be so likeable. After all, his breakout role was in Ghost — as the guy who kills Patrick Swayze. And as President Fitzgerald Grant on Scandal, he plays a philandering, volatile Republican, a man seemingly built to glower, brood and betray.

And yet. Here we are, liking Tony Goldwyn, a lot. He’s polite as hell, for one thing. And for another, he’s passionate; he’s the kind of guy who’s in the game mostly, as he says, to “constantly reinvent yourself and stay as creative as you can.”

And that’s the other side of President Grant, imbued with Goldwyn’s own persistent likeability. He’s a tragic, romantic hero, who might have more in common with Disney characters (did we mention Goldwyn’s the voice of the original Tarzan?) than any real life U.S. President.

“What I love about Fitz is that he really swings back and forth,” Goldwyn says. “It’s such a great role because it pushes the boundaries on both ends. I always look for the frailties, the cracks, the humanity.”

Then again, he might be so good because he just likes being in charge, both on screen and off. Over the last two decades, he’s quietly been racking up a slew of credits as a director — he once even directed his own death sequence on an episode of Dexter. So yeah, safe to say the man has a thing for power.

“Once I get that blue suit and my presidential flag pin on,” Goldwyn says, with perceptible giddiness, about his Scandal wardrobe. “I notice a change right away. I certainly don’t insist upon it, but people treat me differently almost immediately.” And we can’t help but like him for that. – Bianca Teixeira

Dress Down Your Suit

Not into buttoning up? You should be — even if you’re not a “suit” guy. Try pairing classic tailoring, like this double-breasted getup, with more casual pieces, like a thin knit, solid-colour crew neck sweater.

Wool suit ($3,620) by Gucci; linen shirt (price upon request) by Perry Ellis.

Invest In An Overcoat

Here’s a secret about early spring: it’s still cold out. A good overcoat is the perfect extra layer. The best ones hit your leg at mid-thigh, so that you’re covered in wind or rain or whatever other meteorological miseries April holds. Get one in a solid neutral colour like navy, grey, black or camel to get the most wear out of it.

Wool pea coat ($546), cotton sweater ($90), cotton chinos ($100) by Brooks Brothers; cotton shirt ($440) by Gucci; leather shoes ($425) by Allen Edmonds.

Tie One On

Why wear a tie if you don’t have to? Because it’ll make you look damn handsome, that’s why. Enough said. Knit or silk are both good options, just watch the width — too wide and you’ll look like you’re stuck in the 90s, too thin and you’ll look like you’re the sixth member of One Direction (whoever they are, right?).

Cotton-polyester blend knit blazer (price upon request) and cotton-linen blend tie (price upon request) by Perry Ellis; cotton shirt ($60) by GAP; cotton denim ($225) by Citizens of Humanity; leather belt ($195) by Paul Smith.

Find a Good Chino

A bad pair of chinos can be damning. But a good pair — that is, a pair that’s slim through the leg and hits just above the ankle — might be the best-looking, most versatile pants you own. And yeah, you can get them in fancy colours like olive, royal blue or red, but the truth is: go beige or go home.

Cotton shirt ($865) by Louis Vuitton; wool knit tie ($65) and cotton chinos ($100) by Brooks Brothers; cotton socks ($35) by Pantherella; suede brogues ($525) by Allen Edmonds; ESQ One Watch ($195) by Movado.

Cardigans Can Be Cool

Forget the button up sweater’s nerdy past and embrace it for what it is now: an easy-to-wear layer that can pull together an outfit without adding bulk, and a completely suitable—and arguably more comfortable—alternative to a sport coat.

Cashmere cardigan ($230) by Tommy Hilfiger; cotton shirt ($65) by GAP; wool knit tie ($65) by Brooks Brothers; cotton-ramie blend pants ($330) by BOSS; ESQ One Watch ($195) by Movado.

Swap Out Slacks for Denim

Unless you’re like, the President or something, you can get away with denim pretty well anywhere these days. The trick is to avoid distressing of any kind, and to stick to a dark wash. Also, let your jeans be the most causal part of your outfit by pairing them with a blazer, dress shirt and sweater.

Wool suit jacket ($1,000) by Tiger of Sweden; cotton shirt ($160) by Lacoste; cotton denim ($265) by AG Jeans; shoes ($425) by Allen Edmonds.

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